GAMES: Emperor: Battle for Dune – Tleilaxu Arsenal

The Tleilaxu oppose any usage of machines, and use genetic technology to achieve their goals, even at the expense of cloning and raising dead organisms. Their units are designed to replicate after infecting their victims.


Structures can only be built on dark terrain.



$300 | Prerequisites: Flesh Vat
The Contaminator is a genetically engineered organism that infects a target organic unit to create another Contaminator when the target dies. They are quite resilient to gunfire.

$800 | Prerequisites: Upgraded Flesh Vat
The Leech does not have a conventional weapon. Instead, it plants larvae on its mechanical target. The larvae grow and drain the metal of their new hosts, and unless an Engineer can remove them or other units can shoot them off, fully grown Leeches will emerge from the freshly destroyed host.



Flesh VatFlesh Vat
$1000, $1500 (upgrade) | Power: -60 | Prerequisites: Factory
The Flesh Vat is where all Tleilaxu units are trained.



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