GAMES: Emperor: Battle for Dune – Ix Arsenal

The slave-powered Ix are opportunistic weapon merchants whose only concern in any war is the price offered by the highest bidder. Their weapons are traditionally technologically advanced.


Structures can only be built on dark terrain.


$500 | Prerequisites: Ix Research Center
The Infiltrator is a suicide unit that is stealthed when standing still and moving. When ordered to deploy and detonate its charge, the blast will also briefly uncover any stealthed units in the immediate vicinity.

$1500 | Prerequisites: Upgraded Ix Research Center
The Projector can create a holographic replica of any other unit on the battlefield, under the control of the Projector’s owner. The replica can be controlled like any other unit, but does not deal any damage and vanishes when fired upon, when the “original” unit is destroyed, when an enemy unit moves in too close to investigate, or after a period of time. The replica has a slightly lighter colour scheme compared to the “original” unit, but it appears completely identical to the “original” unit to the enemy.



Ix Research CenterIx Research Center
$1000, $1500 (upgrade) | Power: -60 | Prerequisites: Factory
The Ix Research Center is where all Ix units are built.



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