GAMES: Emperor: Battle for Dune – Sardaukar Arsenal

The Imperial Sardaukar are the former personal army of the previous Emperor. They still maintain their principles and intense martial training, and will join any house whom they find worthy of following in combat.


Structures can only be built on dark terrain.


SardaukarImperial Sardaukar
$300 | Prerequisites: Sardaukar Barracks
The Imperial Sardaukar are well-armoured infantry units, armed with machine guns that can take on any foe. They can not be suppressed.

Sardaukar EliteImperial Sardaukar Elite
$1100 | Prerequisites: Upgraded Sardaukar Barracks
Tougher even than the standard Sardaukar infantry, Imperial Sardaukar Elites are armed with a rapid-firing laser gun and a knife for quickly taking out enemy infantry.



Sardaukar BarracksSardaukar Barracks
$700, $1000 (upgrade) | Power: -30 | Prerequisites: Barracks
The Sardaukar Barracks is where all Sardaukar infantry are trained.



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