Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight – Neutral Units & Structures


Certain structures, like TCN Nodes and Uplink Towers, must be captured in order to take advantage of their resources, or as part of your mission objectives.


6 CP
Built to be tough, not pretty, Ironbacks have a devastating ground-pound move that affects vehicles and infantry alike..




10 CP
Essentially a decommissioned bus with mounted chain-guns, Scrapbuses are raid vehicles equipped with a front scoop to clear mines.





Visceroids were once human, until Tiberium mutated them into these bloated, explosive creatures.





NeutralMutantHovelMutant Hovel
By capturing the Mutant Hovel a savvy commander can forge a temporary alliance with The Forgotten forces in that particular sector allowing you to train and control them.




NeutralTiberiumControlNetworkHubTiberium Control Network Hub
These indestructible structures are placed around the battlefield as part of the global network controlling the growth of Tiberium and key to victory in domination game types. Capture this TCN Hub by having more units near it then your opponent. If your team controls more hubs, you will begin to score victory points. Attack an enemy-controlled Hub to quickly return it to neutral.



NeutralTiberiumControlNetworkNodeTiberium Control Network Node
The Tiberium Control Network Node is a Tech building that can be hubs to distract the enemy.




NeutralArtilleryTurretArtillery Turret
This automated turret will bombard any enemy unit unfortunate enough to move within its radius, creating a great area to retreat and regroup.




NeutralAntiAirTurretAnti-Air Turret
The Anti-Air Turret is ready to do the bidding of who so ever controls it, shooting down enemy air units with terrifying accuracy. It also has the Missile Storm ability which replaces standard rounds with those that deal splash damage.



NeutralUplinkTowerUplink Tower
If your Crawler is decommissioned or destroyed in action, you must re-deploy at a spawn point. Your starting location is the basic spawn point, though you can capture Uplink Towers scattered around the map for additional spawn points and get back into the action faster. Spawn points are also vital to Tiberium harvesting, so it’s a wise move to capture a few towers.



NeutralRefuelingStationRefuelling Station
Forming part of the TCN , these refuelling stations regularly produce Tiberium Cores in a standardised crate format. Any vehicle and infantry unit on the battlefield can quickly unpack and apply them. A green core will grant a promotion in rank, while blue cores provide upgrades such as additional weapons and armour plating.



NeutralGarrisonableGarrisonable Structure
While these structures do not possess any weaponry of their own, they provide ideal cover for infantry who can then fire out of any window, doorway or porthole without sustaining damage. Enemy units will need to destroy the structure before the garrisoned units will be forced to evacuate.



NeutralTiberiumCrystalTiberium Crystals
Tiberium crystals periodically appear on Idris landing pads. Send any unit to collect it, but carrying Tiberium reduces a unit’s speed and armour and takes all its special abilities off-line, although it still fires.



NeutralTiberiumCoreTiberium Cores
Tiberium Cores are left behind when units are destroyed. Collect a Tiberium Core by moving over it with any unit. Collecting a green Tiberium core grants one Veterancy rank. Blue Tiberium cores can only be seen by Offense units, and grant a special weapon upgrade to the unit that collects it.



NeutralTCULifterT.E.U. Lifter
The T.E.U. Lifter is a vehicle drop pod designed in the years leading to the Ascension Conflict. They are capable of dropping from orbit and depositing controlled Tiberium crystals onto the battlefield allowing for either the Global Defense Initiative or the Brotherhood of Nod to acquire the resource to bolster their sides in a conflict.



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