Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight – Characters


During the course of the campaign in Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight, you are guaranteed to encounter several elite and renegade members of GDI and Nod. This is a list of important characters in the game and the names of the actors or actresses portraying them.

Joe Kucan

Machiavellian, charismatic, sociopathic, possibly immortal …. remarkably little is known about the man who single-handedly brought Earth to the brink of annihilation. Kane’s prophetic knowledge of Tiberium’s existence, origins, and effects made the Brotherhood of Nod a world power almost overnight and millions flocked to his banner. Billions have paid for his ambition ever since. Kane’s abrupt reversal to join with GDI forces may simply be an act of self preservation, but Kane’s motives have never been simple. And he’s been dead before.


jamesColonel Louise James
Iona Morris

Louise James rose through GDI’s ranks on the front lines, thinning out Nod’s army one bullet at a time. Her father was a decorated hero of the First Tiberium War, and James wasted no time distinguishing herself in the Third. Unfortunately, when Kane drew the alien Scrin to Earth, her husband and son were among the first to die. Now forced to work with Kane, James is biding her time, waiting for any excuse to kill him for the last time.



riosEvelyn Rios
Natacha Roi

The elected leader of Idris, a mega-corporation effectively serving as the government, General Secretary Rios rode to power on a wave of optimism sweeping the globe. Idealism aside, Rios is a working-class girl who watched her father deteriorate for years as a result of Tiberium-related cancer. As leader of the last superpower left, she is a shrewd and assertive politician, determined to preserve her fragile new democracy at all costs.



Chris Wolfe

Gideon grew up in the poisoned Middle America wasteland, and found his calling when a travelling preacher came to town, spreading the word of Kane. Since then, he’s built up his own following through a gut-punching blend of evangelistic populism and radical Nod prophesy, even going so far as to denounce Kane as a fake. And with Kane absent from the stage, the word of Gideon is gaining traction with new and old followers alike.



riggsGeneral Wesley Riggs
Tim Dezarn

Few people survive to General Riggs’ age any more. Fewer survive two Tiberium wars. That’s made him a legend, but Riggs is tired of legends, tired of endless war. Instead, he renounced old grudges and brokered the truce between GDI and Nod, despite harsh political backlash. In his new role as peacemaker, Riggs works directly with Kane and often talks about GDI disarmament. But bad old habits still won’t let him turn his back on Kane for long.


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