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Tiberian Twilight manual (UK English)

Author: EA Los Angeles

Purpose: Documentation

Download CC4TTpcMAN.zip (4.7 MB)

The official Tiberian Twilight manual from the UK release.

Utilities - map editor

Tiberian Twilight Worldbuilder

Author: EA Los Angeles

Purpose: Map editor

Download CnC4Worldbuilder.rar (8.6 MB)

This is the official Tiberian Twilight map editor, as was released on 6 April 2010. It requires Tiberian Twilight to be patched to version 1.02 or newer.


Tiberian Twilight Worldbuilder manual

Author: EA Los Angeles

Purpose: Documentation

Download CnC4_Worldbuilder_Manual.zip (593 KB)

The official manual for the Tiberian Twilight Worldbuilder. It can also help with other iterations of the tool.

Utilities - modding tool

Assimilator v1.0 with hotfix

Author: Darth Jane

Purpose: Modding tool

Download Assimilator.zip (556.4 KB)

A new tool by Darth Jane meant to be used with Tiberium Wars, Kane’s Wrath, Red Alert 3, Uprising, and Tiberian Twilight. After loading any of the games’ .skudef files, the program lists all W3D animations contained within the game files, which can then be selected, after which an XML output will be shown. This allows extracting animations without resorting to custom art packs.

The program requires Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 build 1607 with .NET Core 3.x.

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