GAMES: Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun – Firestorm: New Nod Weapons



The Brotherhood of Nod lost the long-range advantage in Firestorm when their artillery piece became less precise and an equivalent was given to GDI. However, their vehicle arsenal no longer has to wait for Attack Cycles to reach elite status to fire at aircraft, and they can now use their stealth generator on the go.


New units

nod_limpiconLimpet Drone
$550 | Prerequisites: Radar
A cheap scout drone that attaches to any vehicle and cloaks itself when deployed. When inside a vehicle, you can see everything that it sees, and will slow them down in the process. Getting these into enemy Harvesters gives a big advantage. The Limpet Drone can be removed from an infected vehicle by repairing it in a Service Depot or with a Mobile Repair Vehicle.

cyborg_reaperCyborg Reaper
$1100 | Prerequisites: Temple of Nod
The Cyborg Reaper is armed with twin cluster-missile launchers that are effective against aircraft, as well as webs that it can hurl at enemy infantry to immobilize them for a period of time. If badly damaged, the Cyborg Reaper will roll over and seed a small patch of Tiberium, and if he survives, he will rise back up. Cyborg Reapers heal in Tiberium.

fist_of_nodFist of Nod (Mobile War Factory)
Cost: $1800 | Prerequisites: Temple of Nod
This is a mobile version of the War Factory. When deployed, it can be set as a primary War Factory like its standard equivalent. When used in conjunction with Carry-Alls and Stealth Generators, you pump out heavy weapons in the enemy’s backyard.
Note: Only one Fist of Nod can be built at a time per player.

mobile_stealth_genMobile Stealth Generator
$1600 | Prerequisites: Stealth Generator
A mobile version of the Stealth Generator, this unit can make any object around it invisible when deployed.

weaticonElite Cadre (campaign only)
$300 | Prerequisites: none
With CABAL commandeering Nod’s cyborg army in its entirety, Nod recalled the bulk of their elite guard to assist in fighting the cybernetic menace in the field. While their weapon is powerful, they are not a match for the more resilient Cyborgs.


Modified units and structures

Cost: $975 | Prerequisites: Radar
In an undocumented and hardcoded change, Nod Artillery is now more imprecise and less viable against moving targets.

nod_lpstMobile Sensor Array
$950 | Prerequisites: Radar
Mobile Sensor Arrays are adapted to detect deployed Limpet Drones in addition to regular stealthed and subterranean objects.

stealth_tankStealth Tank
$1100 | Prerequisites: Tech Center
The Stealth Tank received a slight hit point buff (200 from 180).

$800 | Prerequisites: none
The Harpy’s cost is decreased from $1000 to $800.

$1250 | Prerequisites: Tech Center
The Banshee’s cost is decreased from $1500 to $1250.

nod_empiconElectro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) Cannon
Cost: $1000 | Power: -150 | Prerequisites: Radar
EMP Cannons have been adapted to detonate deployed Limpet Drones and cause subterranean units’ guidance systems to experience a short circuit, leading them to surface immediately.

obelisk_of_lightObelisk of Light
Cost: $1500 | Power: -150 | Prerequisites: Tech Center
The Obelisk of Light remains the same statistically as in vanilla Tiberian Sun. A coding oversight which prevented it from showing its charging animation has been resolved.


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