GAMES: Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun – Firestorm – First Impression


When Firestorm, the long awaited expansion pack for Tiberian Sun, finally hit New Zealand shores, webmaster, Sonic, wrote this short review of it.

Firestorm has finally arrived down under here in New Zealand and I can now evaluate it, I’ve only played the first two GDI and Nod missions and few skirmish games but I’m pleased with what I’ve seen so far. The new units are great, I like the idea of Mobile War Factory but I think Juggernaut has been given to much hype, its not very accurate and could do with a bit more fire-power.

I have noticed the welcome return of some familiar sounds from Tiberian Dawn like the screams of pain when your infantry die. Most of the music tracks are similar sounding to those found in the original Tiberian Sun, the usual up beat techno style. I was hoping Westwood would just add the Stomp track since everyone liked it so much only to discover it was left out of the game. The cut-scenes before and between missions are of Westwood’s usual high standards and set the mood for the action to unfold before you.

To sum up its a great expansion pack for Tiberian Sun, I rate it much higher than any of the expansion packs for Red Alert. Basically if you can’t enough C&C action then you must get Firestorm, if you didn’t like the original game then you might consider waiting for something else. Overall Firestorm is the perfect compliment to the original game, a worthy addition to the C&C universe of games.

Written By Sonic – March 2000

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