Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun – Firestorm: New GDI Weapons



The Global Defense Initiative increased their adaptability in Firestorm with the addition of a mobile artillery piece and a mobile EMP weapon. However, their new superweapon is anything but useful.



New units

Cost: $975 | Prerequisites: Radar
GDI’s answer to the Nod Artillery. This slow-moving behemoth can do some serious damage if deployed correctly. Its triple long-range cannons are effective against infantry and structures, but not so much against armour. Like the modified Nod Artillery, it isn’t very precise.

limpet_droneLimpet Drone
$550 | Prerequisites: Radar
A cheap scout drone that attaches to any vehicle and cloaks itself when deployed. When inside a vehicle, you can see everything that it sees, and will slow them down in the process. Getting these into enemy Harvesters gives a big advantage. The Limpet Drone can be removed from an infected vehicle by repairing it in a Service Depot or with a Mobile Repair Vehicle.

mobile_empMobile Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) Cannon
$1000 | Prerequisites: EMP Cannon
When fully charged, this vehicle will release a blast that will freeze all nearby mechanical units for a period of time. Until it charges back up, it is completely defenceless.

mobile_warfactoryMobile War Factory
$1800 | Prerequisites: Upgrade Center
This is a mobile version of the War Factory. When deployed, it can be set as a primary War Factory like its standard equivalent. When used in conjunction with Carry-Alls and Stealth Generators, you pump out heavy weapons in the enemy’s backyard.
Note: Only one Mobile War Factory can be built at a time per player.

weaticonRiot Soldier (campaign only)

These soldiers are only deployed when their targets must not be physically harmed, only pacified. Their weapon is non-lethal in nature, and causes the target infantry unit to completely stop firing its weapon. Against proper threats, Riot Solders are completely helpless.


New structures

droppod_controlDrop Pod Control
$1000 | Power: -20 | Prerequisites: Upgrade Center
You now have to ability to call down reinforcements from orbit with the Drop Pod Control plug for the Upgrade Center. No matter what kind of trouble you’re in, you can bring down veteran infantry units to any location on the battlefield. As an added bonus, the drop pod is equipped with a high-powered chain gun that will clear its path for landing. If the base’s power is low, it is deactivated.


New support powers

podsiconDrop Pods
free | Cooldown: 7:00 | Prerequisites: Drop Pod Control
Drops veteran infantry to any location on the map through orbital drop pods, which are also equipped with a high-powered chain gun that will clear the path for landing.


Modified units and structures

jumpjetJump Jet Infantry
$600 | Prerequisites: Radar
Jump Jet Infantry has been refitted with a sensor package, which allows them to detect cloaked objects while flying. They are also considerably faster than in vanilla Tiberian Sun.

msaMobile Sensor Array
$950 | Prerequisites: Radar
Mobile Sensor Arrays are adapted to detect deployed Limpet Drones in addition to regular stealthed and subterranean objects.

$1300 | Prerequisites: Tech Center
The Disruptor is now slightly faster than in vanilla Tiberian Sun, and instead of exploding violently upon destruction, its elite bonus is an even larger speed increase.
Note: The southern-facing sonic beam crash was not officially fixed in Firestorm.

empElectro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) Cannon
$1000 | Power: -150 | Prerequisites: Radar
EMP Cannons have been adapted to detonate deployed Limpet Drones and cause subterranean units’ guidance systems to experience a short circuit, leading them to surface immediately.


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