GAMES: Command & Conquer Red Alert – Soviet Units


rifle_infantryRifle Infantry
Armed with an M-16, this Infantry unit is at its best against other Infantry and Tanks (when in groups).


attack_dogAttack Dog
Attack Dogs are the only unit that can detect Spies that are trying to infiltrate the base. Although unarmored and easy to kill, Dogs make the perfect in-base guard unit against sneak attacks by Engineers, Spies, and Thieves. They also make fine pets.


The Grenadier has a longer range and more destructive power than regular infantry. In groups, Grenadiers are effective against heavily armoured units and structures.


These soldiers are slower and more susceptible to damage than other infantry (due to the large tanks of flammable chemicals they carry). The Flame Soldier can decimate structures and infantry in seconds with his flamethrower.


An Engineer can fully repair any of your damaged buildings instantly. When sent to enemy buildings, an Engineer can damage or capture it.


heavy_tankHeavy Tank
The basic tank of the Soviet Empire, this beast is equipped with twin 105mm cannons, giving it twice the punch of the nearest Allied equivalent, the Medium Tank. It sacrifices speed for this bonus, but the net result still makes it a formidable opponent on the battlefield.


v2_rocket_launcherV2 Rocket Launcher
The V2 Launcher can destroy most buildings with just two rockets. Factor in its incredible range, and it is easy to see why the Allies fear this weapons platform. Its drawbacks are its light armour, long reload time, and inability to hit fast-moving targets.


ore_truckOre Truck
The Ore Truck collects raw, unprocessed ore. Although slow, it is heavily armoured, able to withstand a hammering and still escape intact.


mammoth_tankMammoth Tank
Used in the collection of raw ore, the Ore Truck is an indispensable piece of equipment. Although slow, it is heavily armoured, able to withstand a hammering.


at_mine_layerAP Mine Layer
The AP mine layer deploys Anti-Personnel Mines to thwart the Allied heavy infantry ranks. This Mine can destroy entire groups of infantry with one explosion. The Mine Layer carries 5 mines, and can be reloaded at the Service Depot.


mobile_radar_jammerMobile Radar Jammer
The Mobile Radar Jammer (MRJ) disrupts enemy radar functions, shutting down transmissions and display. The range of this unit allows it to hide a good distance away from the enemy base while other forces use the radar blackout to attack.


mcvMobile Construction Vehicle
The Mobile Construction Vehicle allows creation or expansion of a base. Although expensive, the MCV is useful to have around if the original Construction Yard (a favourite target of the enemy) is destroyed or captured. As with any other construction facility, the more of them you have, the faster construction will proceed.


hindHind Attack Helicopter
Large and armoured, the Hind uses its high velocity Vulcan chain-gun to tear apart enemy units and structure. Equipped with a large ammo supply, the Hind will follow its target for quite some time, all the while wearing away at its defenses.


chinookChinook Transport
Able to transport 5 infantry-type units through the air, the Transport Helicopter is ideal for landing engineers and other assault squads in an enemy base.


migMig Attack Plane
This fast-attack craft carries a limited number of powerful and accurate missiles. Used in hit-and- run tactics, the MIG can remove armored craft before they can become a threat.


yakYak Attack Plane
Sometimes called the “Infantry Eraser,” the Yak fires in strafing runs, swooping down on groups of marching infantry, potentially destroying them all in a single run. The Yak is not that fast, making it an easy target for Allied Rocket Soldiers – those that actually survive the first strafing run.


The Landing Ship Transport allows transportation of up to 5 ground-based units across the water. Transports can only be loaded/unloaded on shore terrain, and they are at their most vulnerable while unloading.


Silent and stealthy, Submarines can attack ships from afar. Subs must surface to fire, giving away their position, and opening themselves up to any nearby units that can hit them.


shock_trooperShock Trooper (Aftermath Only)
Description: Shock Troopers carry a portable tesla pack on their backs. They move quite slowly, but they can be very useful since they can not be run over by enemy vehicles.


tesla_tankTesla Tank (Aftermath Only)
A new version of the Mobile Tesla Coil from Counterstrike. Not very well armoured, but a few of these amongst a pack of tanks will be a real mess for the enemy. They pierce through armour and are very effective against infantry.


mad_tankM.A.D. Tank (Aftermath Only)
Description: Mutually Assured Destruction Tank. When activated the driver leaps out and leaves the tank to explode. There is a short warning siren followed by a powerful harmonic shockwave hitting all buildings and vehicles in a very vast area. Infantry are unaffected by the shockwave.


demo_truckDemolition Truck (Aftermath Only)
A drone truck carrying a nuclear payload. This truck can be targeted at buildings or detonated in specific areas (ctrl+click). When destroyed, it’s payload detonates like an atomic bomb destroying anything nearby. Be careful not to leave one of these around your own base, if the enemy destroys it.


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