GAMES: Command & Conquer Red Alert – Allied Structures



conyardConstruction Yard
The Construction Yard is the foundation of a base and allows the construction of other buildings.


power_plantPower Plant
The standard Power Plant. Power output is directly related to the Power Plant’s condition, so protect them during battles.


adv_power_plantAdvanced Power Plant
This large, high-yield structure handles the energy strains of some later, more power intensive structures and defenses.


ore_refineryOre Refinery
The Refinery smelts ore into its component elements. Building the Refinery immediately deploys an Ore Truck. The Refinery can store up to 2,000 credits of smelted ore.


siloOre Silo
This Silo can hold up to 1,500 credits of smelted ore. Guard it carefully. If destroyed or stolen, the amount stored is deducted from your account.


The Tent Barracks is where all Allied infantry are trained. Some advanced / special infantry units may not be available until other structures are built.


war_factoryWar Factory
This structure is responsible for the building of all ground -based Allied vehicles. Building multiple War Factories decreases the amount of time required to create a vehicle.


naval_yardNaval Yard
The Naval Yard builds and launches all Allied naval vessels. Damaged sea craft docked at the Naval Yard can be repaired. Building multiple Naval Yards decreases the amount of time required to create a naval vessel.


The Helipad allows construction of all helicopters and will reload any that are in need. Each new Helipad comes with an Apache.


service_depotService Depot
The Service Depot repairs any damaged vehicle that you move onto it. Mine Layer units can be re-loaded by driving them onto the pad. (Repairing a vehicle is much faster than building one, and costs a fraction of the original price. This is a worthy investment.)


radar_domeRadar Dome
The Radar Dome gives you an overhead view of the battlefield when fully powered.


a_tech_centerAllied Tech Center
In addition to allowing the construction of high-tech units like the Cruiser and Gap Generator, building a Tech Center also starts construction of the GPS Satellite. When finished, the satellite will automatically launch.


Armed with a rapid fire vulcan cannon, the Pillbox is ideal for defending your base from enemy infantry attacks.


camo_pillboxCamouflaged Pillbox
Identically equipped as the Pillbox, this defensive structure has the advantages of better armour and near-perfect camouflage. It blends with the surrounding terrain, making it virtually invisible.


A Turret-mounted 105mm cannon. Heavily armoured with good range, this Turret is effective against armoured threats.


aa_gunAA Gun
Although its range is not great, any enemy aircraft flying over these are guaranteed to be heavily damaged, if not destroyed. They are accurate and deadly.


gap_generatorGap Generator
The Gap Generator allows the Allies to hide associated base from enemy sight. Any enemies scouting the area will only reveal around themselves. The Shroud will immediately close up once the invading unit is destroyed or leaves the area.


The evolution of the Philadelphia Experiment, the Chronosphere allows the Allied player to move a unit from one location to an other without having to cross the space in between. However, the unit will only exist in its new location for a brief time before returning to its point of origin. This technology is still a bit unstable. Using it on certain units or using it constantly could produce unusual side effects.


missle_siloMissile Silo
Once built, the Silo readies an Atomic Bomb that can be launched onto the battlefield, causing massive destruction to structures and infantry. The more heavily armoured units will fare better, but not by much.


fakeFake Structures
The Allies have four Fake Structures at their disposal: Construction Yard, War Factory, Radar Dome, and Naval Yard. These have a fraction of the hit-points of a normal structure, but can be used to create the illusion that critical structures are in a different location.


sandbagsSandbag Barrier
The Sandbag Barrier is good for stopping non tracked vehicles and infantry. All tracked vehicles can run right over this barrier.


concrete_wallsConcrete Walls
More effective than the Sandbag Barrier, Concrete Walls are not crushable and block tank ordnance.


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