GAMES: Command & Conquer Red Alert – Allied Units


rifle_infantryRifle Infantry
Armed with an M-16, this Infantry unit is at its best against other Infantry and Tanks (when in groups).


rocket_infantryRocket Soldier
Capable of rapidly damaging armoured units, these infantry make up for their lack of speed with a powerful punch. In addition to dealing with ground targets, their missiles are also effective against airborne attackers.


An Engineer can fully repair any of your damaged buildings instantly. When sent to enemy buildings, an Engineer can damage or capture it.


Any friendly infantry near the Medic will automatically be healed to full health. Although a Medic cannot heal himself, Medics working in teams make excellent additions to any infantry force.


Master of disguise, the Spy can slip by enemy forces undetected. A versatile unit, the Spy can gather many kinds of information on an enemy player – what they’re building, how much money they have, how many units they have, etc. Beware – Attack Dogs are not fooled by the Spy’s appearance.


Any Thief that enters an enemy Ore Silo or Refinery will steal half the credits in that structure.


Armed with two .45s, Tanya can mow through infantry like they weren’t there. Her C-4 Explosives can destroy buildings… if you can get her to them. Unlike other units, Tanya can never be put in guard mode – you must manually target all enemies that you wish attacked.


light_tankLight Tank
The standard Allied Tank. Fast, with decent armour, the Light Tank works well in mixed groups, and also in large divisions. What it lacks in fire-power, it makes up for in speed and rapid fire.


medium_tankMedium Tank
The higher-grade Allied Tank, this unit is just as well armoured, faster, and less costly than the Soviet Heavy Tank, though armed with only a single barrel. Used in groups with Light Tanks, the Medium Tank can draw fire while the Lighter Tanks destroy the threat.


ore_truckOre Truck
The Ore Truck collects raw, unprocessed ore. Although slow, it is heavily armoured, able to withstand a hammering and still escape intact.


Fast and lightly armoured, this unit is ideal for scouting an area quickly. Used as a support unit for an infantry squad, the Ranger can soften up the enemy before a direct confrontation occurs.


apcArmoured Personnel Carrier (APC)
With the Armoured Personnel Carrier, the Allies can transport up to 5 infantry units quickly across land. A tracked vehicle, the APC is the lightest unit with the ability to crush Sandbag and Barbed Wire Barriers. The Turret-Mounted M-60 helps keep infantry at bay while it goes about its mission.


Very effective, if somewhat inaccurate, Artillery can devastate infantry and structures from afar. Its slow speed and light armour require that it be protected.


mobile_radar_jammerMobile Radar Jammer
The Mobile Radar Jammer (MRJ) disrupts enemy radar functions, shutting down transmissions and display. The range of this unit allows it to hide a good distance away from the enemy base while other forces use the radar blackout to attack.


mob_gap_generatorMobile Gap Generator
The mobile version of the Gap Generator functions in much the same way the stationary one does. Although it projects a smaller gap field, you can hide several units under its cover, blocking the enemy from seeing what you’re sending against them.


at_mine_layerMine Layer
The Anti-Tank Mine Layer is one of the most effective units on the Allied side. Able to destroy most units with just one mine, a savvy commander can neutralize an enemy force before they get near a base. The Mine Layer carries 5 mines, and can be reloaded at the Service Depot.


mcvMobile Construction Vehicle
The Mobile Construction Vehicle allows creation or expansion of a base. Although expensive, the MCV is useful to have around if the original Construction Yard (a favourite target of the enemy) is destroyed or captured. As with any other construction facility, the more of them you have, the faster construction will proceed.


longbowLongbow Helicopter
The Allies attack helicopter is loaded with hell-fire missiles, allowing it to destroy armored targets with ease. Used in conjunction with naval or ground attacks, the Longbow is an ideal support aircraft, able to rapidly inflict additional damage to a target – usually with little or no return fire.


The fastest and lightest of the Allied naval vessels, the Gunboat is good at scouting naval routes, and detecting Submarines before they can cause any mischief. Its depth charge launcher will automatically fire at any Submarine that is detected nearby.


The mid-level naval vessel, the Destroyer is effective against land, air, and sea-based threats. Its fast-firing stinger missiles can hit air targets easily, and can also decimate nearby ground targets. If it detects a Submarine, its dual depth-charge launcher ensures that the Sub will be rapidly taken out of commission.


Slow moving death. What the Cruiser lacks in speed, it makes up for in fire-power and range. Able to lob destruction onto targets incredible distances away, this ship can decimate an enemy base in minutes. A favorite target of Submarines, these ships have no sea-based defenses, relying on the faster moving Destroyer and Gunboat to protect them.


The Landing Ship Transport allows transportation of up to 5 ground-based units across the water. Transports can only be loaded/unloaded on shore terrain, and they are at their most vulnerable while unloading.


mechanicMechanic (Aftermath Only)
Similar to the Allied field medic, this unit can repair vehicles for free in the field rather than having them return to base and use the service depot. And he’s much faster in repairing.


chrono_tankChrono Tank (Aftermath Only)
The latest advancement to the Allies space and time experiments. When charged up this tank can chronoshift itself anywhere on the map but it might not be able to return to it’s original position after 3 minutes. Quite expensive, but a group of these can destroy anything really fast!


demo_truckDemolition Truck (Aftermath Only)
A drone truck carrying a nuclear payload. This truck can be targeted at buildings or detonated in specific areas (ctrl+click). When destroyed, it’s payload detonates like an atomic bomb destroying anything nearby. Be careful not to leave one of these around your own base, if the enemy destroys it.


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