DBolical’s Mod of the Year and Indie of the Year 2018 Awards Started


Everyone who follows mods remotely regularly knows that December means one thing - DBolical's annual Mod of the Year and Indie of the Year awards! The voting process is easy - simply go to the ModDB/IndieDB profile of the project you want to vote for, click on Vote Now, and you're done! You have until 11 December to do so, at which time the Top 100 mods and Top 100 indies will be unveiled, which will have their own voting process afterwards. On the 22nd, the Editors' Choice will be published, followed by the Players' Choice for unreleased projects on the 27th, and on the 29th, we'll know the Players' Choice for released projects. To reminisce 2018 in modding and indies, DBolical has prepared Year in Review articles on ModDB and IndieDB. Also, voters are eligible to win some games! So get voting, help your favourite C&C mod/standalone game get to the top, and you might just go home with an extra game!

GenTool Version 7.5 Available


GenTool, xezon's extension for Generals and Zero Hour, has finally received a new update, 7.5 to be exact. Here's what's new: New Features 7.5
  • Enabled reveal of random colors and start positions with Random Balance
  • Enabled extra camera height in singleplayer missions
  • Enabled low camera pitch values in singleplayer missions
  • CNC Online: Added 2v2 ladder scoreboard and points preview
  • Added menu display option to disable ticker/event/ladder displays
  • Added support for chain loading other d3d8 files (d3d8x.dll, -proxy custom.dll)
  • Added MDS checks for detecting maphack with buildings during replay playback
  • Added support for custom camera heights in mods and custom maps (singleplayer, online)
Fixes/Improvements 7.5
  • Disabled GenTool initialization in WorldBuilder
  • Changed scroll speed value steps in GenTool menu
  • Changed the ini file validation to accept the modification of a variety of UI related files
  • Improved the screenshot feature to allow taking images without limitations (F11 button)
  • Improved Anti Cheat
  • Improved MDS performance
  • Improved internal memory management and performance
  • Fixed a bug that caused wrong ticker event times for American time zones (UTC-x)
  • Fixed potential crashes
  • Refactored major parts of code
You can get it from the official GenTool website, or here from CNCNZ.com.

BREAKING: C&C 1 and Red Alert 1 First to Get Remasters, Klepacki is Back!

This video alone will tell the story. C&C 1 and Red Alert 1 are the first to get remasters, Frank Klepacki is back, and Petroglyph Games is involved. More info here.

Community News – 14 November 2018


Here's a set of new developments all throughout the community in the recent days:

C&C Rivals News – Fall 2018

Despite controversy among the community, C&C Rivals continues development. Here's what's been happening on that front.


That's all for now, Commanders.

Community News – 8 November 2018


Another quick overview of recent interesting events:

  • Red Alert: A Path Beyond has been updated to version recently, which not only sports a new interface and a usual array of bug and balance fixes, but also new units (MiG, Cruiser), new models for others, and MSAA support.
  • The PC Gamer article on the beloved Mental Omega APYR mod is now finally readable internationally online. Check it out here.
  • Gamasutra announced that Westwood Studios co-founder and proclaimed Godfather of RTS Louis Castle will be holding an hour-long(!) post-mortem presentation on the original Command & Conquer at the GDC next March.

Nmenth’s Research Lab: Drones


It is the first Monday of November, so it is time for another article from Nmenth's Research Lab. This month, we will examine the Drones in Command & Conquer and see how they compare with real unpiloted combat robots.

A new technology will be explored in Nmenth's Research Lab on the first Monday of every month. Return next month on the 3rd when I take a closer look at Nukes.

Chronoshift (Ex-RedAlert++) Publicly Releases Code


The Chronoshift project, formerly known as RedAlert++, has had its currently developed code released for the public on GitHub earlier today. It still requires the English version of the original Red Alert patched to version 3.03 to work, as it is not independent from it at this stage of development.

For those who don't know, Chronoshift is an open-source recreation of the engine seen in the original C&C Red Alert. Unlike OpenRA, it is made through careful research of the original game over many years and aims to be as close as possible to the official gameplay instead of trying to "modernize" it. It is released by The Assembly Armada, a team name also associated with Thyme, a work-in-progress open-source recreation of the SAGE engine as it appeared in C&C Generals: Zero Hour.

C&C Rivals to Launch Worldwide on 4 December


The mobile game Command & Conquer: Rivals has just been announced to launch worldwide on Android and iOS on 4 December 2018 according to EA's press release, which will make its quaintly named "pre-alpha" period last approximately 6 months.

5 Years Since The Cancellation of Command & Conquer (2013)

After two happy anniversaries in a row, there is a third one that is still bitter. On this day 5 years ago, on 29 October 2013 to be exact, the live service titled simply Command & Conquer and originally announced as just a separate game called C&C Generals 2, was cancelled, and its development studio Victory Games was closed, ending a 10-year span of an RTS studio situated in EA's Los Angeles building.

From the get-go, the game suffered from numerous development issues, starting from the Frostbite engine that is notoriously difficult to develop non-shooter games for, through Victory Games' compromises to EA when it came to monetization and sacrificing campaigns at launch just to keep the studio and the game afloat, all the way to poor game design decisions that were only starting to get resolved very late in development, with game-changing patches scheduled, ironically, for the day it was cancelled and several months after that. To add an entire bag of salt to injury, Victory Games was ordered to post up a pre-written cancellation message that was regarded by one of their developers as "total bs", even though they were supposed to roll out a major update that same day.

This also stands as the 5 year anniversary since the cancellation of the last known serious attempt at making a Command & Conquer game, and was seen as just the culmination of EA's catastrophic management of the franchise that started since C&C Arena's shift to Tiberian Twilight in 2009. While we were spared an undercooked semiproduct, we had also lost all hope to see a completely new C&C title at all (let alone a good one), at least until the recent remaster announcement.

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