Renegade X: Firestorm Dev Updates

Over the past few months, Renegade X developers have released a few Developer Updates (DevTalks) for their upcoming Firestorm expansion, which adds a new Tiberian Sun mode. The new mode streamlines the classic “Command & Conquer” mode from Renegade and Renegade X, all while adding Base Building, new art & game mechanics. DevTalk 3, their latest one, was released just 2 weeks ago, and goes into the devs’ vision of the future for Renegade X.


You can check out the 2 older DevTalks below:

DevTalk 1 (Building a Tiberian Sun FPS)

– DevTalk 2 (Level Design & Q&A)


Here are also 4 preview tracks of music that will be played in Tiberian Sun mode:


Kodiak Stranded

Hostile Lands

Elusive Chameleon