Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 – Soviet Units



The Soviets traditionally deploy slow and expensive, but heavily-arm(our)ed units. Their presence on the ground is marked by powerful tanks, excellent defenses, and even a mind-controlling infantry unit. Their navy relies on submerged units to dispose of their enemies, and their air armada is comprised of only one slow but incredibly powerful carpet-bombing zeppelin.



$100 | Prerequisites: none
The basic Soviet infantry unit, slow and capable only of dealing light damage. While not able to deploy into a fortified position like the Allied GI, Conscripts are cheaper to build. They are also capable of garrisoning civilian structures for protection and higher firepower.

$500 | Prerequisites: none
Although unarmed, the Engineer is a very useful unit. Surgical use of engineering teams can quickly turn the tide of battle. Engineers can be used to repair destroyed bridges (by entering bridge huts), steal enemy structures, repair your own/allied structures and repair or capture neutral tech buildings, or defuse Crazy Ivan bombs by targeting the affected unit or structure. Note that when an engineer is used, the unit itself is lost, except when defusing bombs.

Attack DogAttack Dog
$200 | Prerequisites: none
Specially trained Siberian Huskies, Attack Dogs are extremely effective against infantry, but are completely worthless against vehicles and structures. Additionally, Attack Dogs are your first, best and only line of defence against enemy Spies. You’ll want Attack Dogs guarding your base at all times. Their speed and low cost makes them excel at scouting.

Tesla TrooperTesla Trooper
$600 | Prerequisites: none
This specialised infantry unit attacks with a powerful electrical charge generated from his portable Tesla coil. Tesla Troopers are valuable for a number of reasons, not the least of which is their immunity to being crushed by enemy tanks. Tesla Troopers can charge up Tesla Coils to increase its range and power. With each Tesla Trooper powering the Tesla Coil, the Tesla Coil’s stats improve. With 3 or more Tesla Troopers charging it, the Tesla Coil becomes independent from the base’s power supply and will function even when the power is low. To charge a Tesla Coil, simply move a Tesla Trooper near it, and charging will start automatically.

Flak TrooperFlak Trooper
$300 | Prerequisites: Radar Tower
This infantry unit is useful against both air units and ground vehicles, capable of dealing splash damage. The Flak Trooper attacks with explosive flak, allowing him to damage armoured units. Although ineffective against infantry, his weapon suppresses them.

TerroristTerrorist (Cuba only)
Cost: $200 | Prerequisites: Radar Tower
The Cubans contribute to the Soviet army with Terrorists. The Terrorist carries explosive charges taped to his body and makes a suicide run towards the enemy. When he explodes in a mushroom cloud, he deals splash damage to nearby objects. Terrorists are very fragile, and are best used in combination with transports.

DesolatorDesolator (Iraq only)
Cost: $600 | Prerequisites: Radar Tower
Iraqi military engineers have created the Desolator, a soldier that creates large areas of scorched, impassable earth. When mobile, the Desolator uses his radiation cannon to quickly melt enemy infantry. When deployed, the Desolator fires his weapon at the ground beneath him, irradiating it to such an extent that it is completely impassable to both infantry and light vehicles. He wears a protective suit to keep him safe from the radiation. When the Desolator is killed or undeployed, the ground he has poisoned will slowly return to normal.

Crazy IvanCrazy Ivan
$600 | Prerequisites: Radar Tower
A codenamed Soviet demolitions expert, the Crazy Ivan attacks by placing dynamite around the map. Virtually anything can be wired to explode, from enemy structures to individual Conscripts – even wandering cows. Once placed on units and structures (even friendly ones), the bombs will count down to detonation and then explode. Crazy Ivan units can also demolish bridges by placing dynamite on bridge huts. The only targets which these deranged lunatics do not wish to strap explosives to are transports.

Psi-Corps TrooperPsi-Corps Trooper (campaign-only)
Cost: $1200 | Prerequisites: Battle Lab
The result of unique research research conducted by the Psychic Corps sanctioned by the Soviet Union, the Psi-Corps Trooper has the ability to mentally control most organic units and vehicles. When controlled, the enemy unit becomes, effectively, your own, and you can order it to move and attack just as if you had built it yourself. If the Psi-Corps Trooper is killed, the connection with the enemy unit is broken and it returns to its original owner. The Psi-Corps Trooper cannot control ore miners, Attack Dogs, aircraft or other mind control units. If not controlling another unit, the Psi-Corps Trooper can also generate a psychic blast which instantly kills infantry that surrounds him, friend or foe. Simply double-click on him and watch surrounding infantry sizzle.

YuriYuri (multiplayer only)
$1200 | Prerequisites: Battle Lab
The multiplayer stand-in for the Psi-Corps Trooper, identical to it in every way.

Chrono IvanChrono Ivan
$1000 | Prerequisites: Soviet Spy infiltrates an Allied Battle Lab
A combination of the Crazy Ivan and the Chrono Legionnaire, the Chrono Ivan is armed not only with the explosive charges (and completely deranged mind) as a regular Crazy Ivan, but also the teleportation backpack of the Chrono Legionnaire, allowing for swift and deadly assaults.

Yuri PrimeYuri Prime
$2000 | Prerequisites: Soviet Spy infiltrates a Soviet Battle Lab
Apparently the presence of Yuri himself, this unit can control the mind of almost any ground unit and create a psychic blast like any other Psi-Corps Trooper. However, Yuri Prime has the ability to take control over his target from a far greater range.
Note: Only one Yuri Prime can be trained at a time per player, unless a Cloning Vat is deployed.



War MinerWar Miner
$1400 | Prerequisites: Soviet Ore Refinery
The heart of the Soviet economy is the War Miner, a vehicle that collects ore and returns it to the Ore Refinery. This ore is then converted into money, which allows the production of units and structures. When travelling to an ore field, the Chrono Miner moves like a normal vehicle. Unlike the Allied Chrono Miner, the War Miner is not completely defenceless. It is armed with a sizeable mounted gun, which gives it the ability to protect itself from minor threats. Like all heavy vehicles, it can also crush enemy infantry by driving over them. The War Miner’s ore capacity is higher than that of the Allied Chrono Miner.

Rhino TankRhino Heavy Tank
$900 | Prerequisites: none
The Rhino is the standard Soviet battle tank. Useful for base assaults, Rhino Heavy Tanks are also capable of grinding enemy infantry units under their powerful treads. This all-purpose vehicle is useful both in defence and attack, and is strong against vehicles and structures. It has better armour and slightly higher range than the Allied Grizzly Battle Tank, but is comparatively slower.

Flak TrackFlak Track
$500 | Prerequisites: none
This light and speedy Soviet vehicle is designed to defend against both air and light ground assaults. It attacks by expelling flak, much like the Flak Trooper. This vehicle can also operate as a troop transport, carrying up to 5 infantry units over ground.

Terror DroneTerror Drone
$500 | Prerequisites: none
Terror Drones are a unique robotic unit created by the Soviet military. These small, fast mechanical spiders scuttle across the battlefield looking for enemy vehicles. When a vehicle comes within range, the Terror Drone leaps into action, jumping onto the vehicle and dismantling it from the inside. Only a Service Depot, Outpost or an IFV with an Engineer inside can remove a Terror Drone once it attacks. Against infantry, it acts like an Attack Dog, only without the ability to detect Spies. If the infected vehicle is destroyed by the Terror Drone, the Drone emerges intact, but if the vehicle was destroyed before the Drone could finish it off, the Drone is destroyed along with the infected vehicle.

V3 Rocket LauncherV3 Rocket Launcher
$800 | Prerequisites: Radar Tower
The V3 Rocket Launcher is the closest thing the Soviet army has to artillery. While physically weak and easily destroyed, the V3 Launcher is capable of tremendous devastation. It launches very powerful, long-range V3 rockets that can cause huge amounts of damage to whatever they hit. However, the rockets can be shot down mid-air by anti-air weapons.

Tesla TankTesla Tank (Russia only)
$1200 | Prerequisites: Radar Tower
The Soviet Tesla Tank is a large ground vehicle that fires an electrical discharge instead of a ballistic weapon. It is effective against units and structures, and can fire over obstacles such as walls. Unlike the Tesla Trooper, it is not capable of charging Tesla Coils.

Demolition TruckDemolition Truck (Libya only)
$1500 | Prerequisites: Radar Tower
The Libyan Demolition Truck is a suicide vehicle designed to create total carnage in the enemy base. This truck carries a small nuclear charge. When the truck is destroyed or reaches its target, the charge detonates, destroying everything in a wide radius. Its poor armour calls for careful handling.

MCVMobile Construction Vehicle (MCV)
$3000 | Prerequisites: Soviet Service Depot
As you will see in the section on Soviet buildings, the heart of every base is the Construction Yard. On many occasions, you will not start with this structure in place, but will have an MCV at your disposal. When deployed, this vehicle becomes a Construction Yard, providing you with all of the benefits of that building. To deploy an MCV, select the vehicle and hold the cursor over it. If the cursor changes to a golden circle with four arrows, left-clicking on it will deploy the vehicle. If the cursor has a red circle with a line through it, there is either not enough room to deploy or something is in the way. Move the vehicle (or the offending object) to find a suitable deployment site. The MCV is poorly armoured in its mobile state and must be protected at all costs.

Apocalypse TankApocalypse Tank
$1750 | Prerequisites: Battle Lab
The ultimate battle tank, the Apocalypse Assault Tank has a massive twin-cannon capable of dealing considerable damage to all ground targets. Against air units, it fires twin missiles. Well-armoured and powerful, little can evade this tank’s power, and its only downside is that it is very slow.



Kirov AirshipKirov Airship
$2000 | Prerequisites: Battle Lab
These huge zeppelins are a true force to contend with in the air. Able to withstand tremendous amounts of damage, a Kirov attacks with massive payloads of heavy bombs that can devastate the surrounding area. Its main weaknesses are its slow speed and the fact that it can only fire at targets immediately below it.



Amphibious TransportAmphibious Transport
$900 | Prerequisites: none
The Amphibious Transport is used to transport units from place to place, having 12 slots available. While not invisible to radar like the Nighthawk Transport, the hovercraft is capable of carrying vehicles as well as infantry. It can cross both land and water, allowing for amphibious assaults of enemy positions. This vehicle has no armament, but has stronger armour to its Allied equivalent.

Typhoon Attack SubTyphoon Attack Sub
$1000 | Prerequisites: none
This submarine attacks from below the waves, launching powerful torpedoes at its foes. Not capable of attacking land-based targets, the Typhoon is nonetheless a powerful unit for naval conflicts. When attacked or badly damaged, they are visible to all other units.

Sea ScorpionSea Scorpion
$600 | Prerequisites: Radar Tower
This fast ship is capable of attacking all targets: ground, sea, or air. It is also equipped with an anti-missile system, and can be used to protect valuable structures and locations from missile attacks.

Giant SquidGiant Squid
$1000 | Prerequisites: Battle Lab
Captured and trained by Soviet scientists, these huge creatures are capable of grasping enemy ships and crushing them with their huge, powerful tentacles. Just like submarines and dolphins, they are submerged under water. When attacked or badly injured, they are visible to all other units.

$2000 | Prerequisites: Battle Lab
This large ship is useful in attacking ground installations from afar. It fires two powerful long-range missiles, making it difficult for enemy units to approach within range to destroy it. However, much like the rockets from V3 Launchers, the missiles can be destroyed mid-air by anti-air weaponry.


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