Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 – Allied Structures



The Allied army is a mixture of highly specialized units. Their early ground units rely on speed, while their late game is notable for potent high-tech weaponry. They have absolute dominance in the skies, and can make use of spies to disrupt enemy bases and even steal technologies. They can not only gain information on the entire battlefield, but also deny their enemies information on their own bases. However, their ground units lack good armour.



Construction YardConstruction Yard
Cost: $3000 (MCV) | Power: 0 | Prerequisites: none
The heart of every base is the Construction Yard. This structure is responsible for the creation of all other buildings in your base, from simple walls to the technologically-advanced Battle Labs and superweapons. Because this building controls your ability to expand your base and acquire new technologies, the wise commander protects it at all costs and at all times. In many missions, you will start with a Construction Yard already in place, while in others you will begin with an MCV and must deploy it to begin building.

Power PlantPower Plant
$600 | Power: +200 | Prerequisites: none
While some of your buildings, like your Construction Yard, provide their own power, most do not. To get them to operate at peak efficiency, you must provide them with power. Power Plants put out a good deal of energy, but larger bases will require multiple Power Plants to operate effectively. They are physically weak and critically important, so keep them well-guarded.

a_refineryOre Refinery
$2000 | Power: -50 | Prerequisites: Power Plant
Your Chrono Miners need somewhere to take the ore they collect. That place is the Ore Refinery, a structure at the very heart of your economic operation. A filled miner will return to the Refinery to dump its load of ore before returning to the field. This ore is then converted into credits, which you can use to purchase structures and units. Each Ore Refinery comes with a free Chrono Miner. Build more Miners and Ore Refineries to make more money.

$500 | Power: -10 | Prerequisites: Power Plant
The creation of all infantry units from the basic GI to the advanced Chrono Legionnaire is performed at the Allied Barracks. Many of your more powerful and effective structures and base defenses require the presence of a Barracks.

War FactoryWar Factory
$2000 | Power: -25 | Prerequisites: Ore Refinery, Barracks
If you wish to build vehicles (and you will), you will need a War Factory. All ground vehicles are created at the War Factory, although many may require the addition of other buildings to allow for production. The Allied War Factory is capable of creating one aircraft unit as well – the Nighthawk Transport.

Naval ShipyardNaval Shipyard
$1000 | Power: -25 | Prerequisites: Ore Refinery
Your navy will play an important role both in protecting your base and in attacking the enemy position. All of your naval units, including Dolphins, are created and repaired at your Naval Shipyard. This structure must be placed entirely in water.

Airforce Command HQAirforce Command Headquarters
$1000 | Power: -50 | Prerequisites: Ore Refinery
The Airforce Command HQ has two critical functions. Firstly, it provides radar, activating the radar display in your interface, provided your power isn’t low. Secondly, it allows for the creation of aircraft, with four pads available for jet planes like Harriers and Korean Black Eagles. These planes will come back to the Airforce Command HQ to refill, and if no such structure is found after they fire their missiles, they will crash. Additional aircraft will require the production of a new Airforce Command HQ.

Service DepotService Depot
$800 | Power: -25 | Prerequisites: War Factory
During the course of a battle, your vehicles and aircraft will become damaged. Moving a damaged vehicle of aircraft into a Service Depot begins the repair process. Repairing damaged units costs credits, with the cost being proportional to the severity of the damage the unit suffered. It is also able to clear Terror Drones from infected vehicles.
Note: The Allied Service Depot is able to sell vehicles in the same fashion as in previous C&C games. The Soviet Service Depot can not do this. This was an oversight in development, and was removed in Yuri’s Revenge patch 1.001.

Battle LabBattle Lab
$2000 | Power: -100 | Prerequisites: War Factory, Airforce Command HQ
Many of the more advanced Allied units and defenses depend upon additional technology found only at the Battle Lab. To create the Allied special weapons, you must have a Battle Lab at your base. While expensive to build and requiring a lot of power to run, the units and structures available with the Battle Lab make it a necessary addition to any Allied base.

Ore PurifierOre Purifier
$2500 | Power: -200 | Prerequisites: Ore Refinery, Battle Lab
The Allies have developed the Ore Purifier as a way to further refine the Ore they mine. While an expensive structure, the Ore Purifier allows you to gain 25% more credits from every load of ore your miners return to your Refineries. Over time, the Ore Purifier pays for itself many times over.
Note: Only one Ore Purifier can be built at a time per player.


Support structures

Fortress WallFortress Wall
$100 | Power: 0 | Prerequisites: Barracks
Walls are a passive defence system designed to stop enemy infantry and vehicles. Up to 4 pieces of wall section can be placed at once if near an existing wall section for quick building.

$500 | Power: 0 | Prerequisites: Barracks
Pillboxes are fortified gun emplacements designed to protect an area against attacks by enemy infantry. They are ineffective against vehicles and cannot shoot through walls.

Patriot MissilesPatriot Missile System
$1000 | Power: -50 | Prerequisites: Barracks
The Patriot Missile System is an anti-aircraft device design to keep Allied bases protected from enemy aircraft. Effective against all enemy flying units and missiles, the Patriot can also target and destroy incoming enemy missiles. It deactivates if the base’s power is low.

Prism TowerPrism Tower
$1500 | Power: -75 | Prerequisites: Airforce Command HQ
The Prism Tower is a powerful base defence for the Allies. Prism Towers fire a concentrated beam of light at any approaching enemy ground units. If Prism Towers are placed close enough together, they can fire one large, powerful beam by targeting each other and combining light beams on the target. It deactivates if the base’s power is low.

Grand CannonGrand Cannon (France only)
$2000 | Power: -100 | Prerequisites: Airforce Command HQ
This special French weapon is not a unit, but a large structure called the Grand Cannon. Once created, the Grand Cannon provides extremely effective base defence against enemy ground attacks, particularly against armoured units, dealing widespread splash damage in the process. It deactivates if the base’s power is low, and requires considerable amounts of power to operate in general.

Gap GeneratorGap Generator
$1000 | Power: -100 | Prerequisites: Battle Lab
Much of the Allied strategy revolves around gathering superior information and denying information to the enemy. When a Gap Generator is deployed, it creates a shroud over a wide radius, hiding the owner’s base from enemy radar and significantly reducing the visibility of the area to enemy units in its radius. If any part of the covered area is revealed by the enemy, that area is quickly hidden again. The Gap Generator requires a great deal of power to maintain. If it is destroyed or the power is low, the shroud surrounding its place can be uncovered regularly again.
Note: If the owner of a Gap Generator has 9000 units of power available (production minus expense), the Gap Generator will get a deploy cursor. In the retail version of the game, this does nothing but spend those 9000 units of power, but this function was originally meant to drastically increase its area of effect.

SpySat UplinkSpy Satellite Uplink
$1000 | Power: -100 | Prerequisites: Battle Lab
The Allied army depends on superior information to defeat their enemies. When built and deployed, the Spy Satellite Uplink completely removes the shroud, showing all locations on the battlefield and on the radar display. It is also capable of providing radar independently from the Airforce Command HQ and the Radar Tower. It does not counter the effects of enemy Gap Generators. If it is sold or destroyed, the owner’s shroud is reset.

$2500 | Power: -200 | Prerequisites: Battle Lab
Allied research into time travel has developed the Chronosphere, a device that allows units to move instantly across the map. Like with other superweapons, when the Chronosphere is built, all players are notified and the shroud above the device is removed, with a timer visible to all players.
Note: Only one Chronosphere can be built at a time per player.

Weather ControllerWeather Control Device
$5000 | Power: -200 | Prerequisites: Battle Lab
The Weather Control Device gives the Allied commander the ability to control the forces of nature, creating powerful lightning storms. Like with other superweapons, when the Weather Control Device is built, all players are notified and the shroud above the device is removed, with a timer visible to all players.
Note: Only one Weather Control Device can be built at a time per player.


Support powers

AirborneAirborne (America only)
free | Cooldown: 4:00 | Prerequisites: Airforce Command HQ
In multiplayer games, America gains the ability to deploy Paratroopers throughout the battlefield once an Airforce Command HQ has been built. The Paratroopers, consisting of eight GIs, can be deployed to any ground location on the map free of charge. If the transport plane is shot down, the Paratroopers are lost. This is the same ability as the regular Paradrop that players gain when capturing a Tech Airport, and can be used in combination with it. However, building multiple Airforce Command HQ structures will not stack the Airborne support power.

free | Cooldown: 7:00 | Prerequisites: Chronosphere
When used, the Chronosphere will move vehicles in a selected radius to another point on the map. Additionally, enemy vehicles can be transported with the Chronosphere. Ships can be placed on land or enemy ground vehicles can be dropped in water, destroying them instantly. Applying the Chronosphere to any infantry units will kill them instantly.

Lightning StormLightning Storm
free | Cooldown: 10:00 | Prerequisites: Weather Control Device
Creates a powerful lightning storm over any part of the map, causing incredible destruction to buildings and units over a large area.


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