Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 – Allied Units



The Allied army is a mixture of highly specialized units. Their early ground units rely on speed, while their late game is notable for potent high-tech weaponry. They have absolute dominance in the skies, and can make use of spies to disrupt enemy bases and even steal technologies. They can not only gain information on the entire battlefield, but also deny their enemies information on their own bases. However, their ground units lack good armour.



Cost: $200 | Prerequisites: none
The G.I. is the basic Allied infantry unit. Slow and capable of only light damage in when mobile, G.I.s are nonetheless necessary because of their low cost and ability to set up sandbags around them like a bunker. Left-clicking on a selected G.I. unit will cause him to deploy into a heavy machine gun platform which offers increased range and power, but no ability to move. Left-clicking again undeploys the G.I.. G.I.s are also capable of garrisoning civilian structures for protection and higher firepower.

$500 | Prerequisites: none
Although unarmed, the Engineer is a very useful unit. Surgical use of engineering teams can quickly turn the tide of battle. Engineers can be used to repair destroyed bridges (by entering bridge huts), steal enemy structures, repair your own/allied structures and repair or capture neutral tech buildings, or defuse Crazy Ivan bombs by targeting the affected unit or structure. Note that when an engineer is used, the unit itself is lost, except when defusing bombs.

Attack DogAttack Dog
$200 | Prerequisites: none
Specially trained German Shepherds, Attack Dogs are extremely effective against infantry, but are completely worthless against vehicles and structures. Additionally, Attack Dogs are your first, best and only line of defence against enemy Spies. You’ll want Attack Dogs guarding your base at all times. Their speed and low cost makes them excel at scouting.

$600 | Prerequisites: Airforce Command HQ
The Rocketeer is the aerial assault version of the simple G.I.. Armed and strapped into a powerful jet-pack, the Rocketeer hovers over the battlefield. Rocketeers are excellent in providing anti-air defence and air-to-ground attacks on weaker targets.

SniperSniper (Great Britain only)
Cost: $600 | Prerequisites: Airforce Command HQ
This British infantry unit is equipped with a special long-range rifle useful in taking out enemy infantry units. The sniper gains tremendous range and power, killing off enemy infantry units with a single shot from well out of their range.

Navy SEALNavy SEAL (campaign only)
Cost: $1000 | Prerequisites: Airforce Command HQ
The Navy SEAL is the Allied commando unit, capable of traversing both land and water. The SEAL attacks with a rapid-firing automatic rifle and C4 explosives, making them ideal against infantry, ships and buildings. Planting C4 charges on the repair huts of bridges allows SEALs to destroy bridges as well.

$1000 | Prerequisites: Battle Lab
The Spy is a stealth unit used by the Allied forces to gain an advantage over their foes. Rather than attacking enemy units, the Spy targets an enemy infantry unit and changes his appearance to that of his target. This allows him to sneak past enemies and enter enemy structures, providing substantial benefits. The Spy’s function inside the enemy structure depends on which building he enters. Attack Dogs are never fooled by the Spy’s disguise, so watch out for them.

$1000 | Prerequisites: Battle Lab
The most versatile infantry unit for the Allied forces is Tanya. About as fast as a typical GI, Tanya also has the ability to swim. While not that powerful against vehicles, Tanya’s powerful weapon kills off enemy infantry units with a single shot. Tanya can also plant C4 charges on enemy buildings or ships, destroying them instantly. Planting C4 charges on the repair huts of bridges allows Tanya to destroy bridges as well. In multiplayer, she is a replacement for the Navy SEAL, albeit available at a higher tier.

Chrono LegionnaireChrono Legionnaire
$1500 | Prerequisites: Battle Lab
A Chrono Legionnaire never walks anywhere. Instead of walking, he teleports around the map. The distance of the teleportation determines how long it takes him to phase back in at his new location. While phasing in, the Chrono Legionnaire is vulnerable to enemy fire. His weapon is unique – rather than destroying enemy units and structures, his weapon simply disables them out of time until they vanish completely. The more powerful the enemy, the longer this takes. While being erased, the target is invulnerable. If the Chrono Legionnaire is killed while erasing the target or otherwise stops firing, the partially-erased unit will reappear.

Chrono CommandoChrono Commando
$2000 | Prerequisites: Allied Spy infiltrating an Allied Battle Lab
A combination of the Navy SEAL and the Chrono Legionnaire, the Chrono Commando is armed not only with the rapid-firing automatic rifle and C4 charges as a regular SEAL, but also the teleportation backpack of the Chrono Legionnaire, allowing for swift and deadly assaults. However, he is unable to swim.

Psi CommandoPsi Commando
$1000 | Prerequisites: Allied Spy infiltrating a Soviet Battle Lab
A combination of the Psi-Corps Trooper (Yuri) and the Navy SEAL, the Psi Commando is not only capable of mind-controlling enemy units like a Psi-Corps Trooper, but also the C4 charges of the Navy SEAL, enabling him to destroy enemy structures as well. However, he is unable to swim.



Chrono MinerChrono Miner
$1400 | Prerequisites: Allied Ore Refinery
The heart of the Allied economy is the Chrono Miner, a vehicle that collects ore and returns it to the Ore Refinery. This ore is then converted into money, which allows the production of units and structures. When travelling to an ore field, the Chrono Miner moves like a normal vehicle. However, when returning to the Refinery, the Miner teleports back to it (supposing it is vacant), much like a Chrono Legionnaire moves across the map. This saves considerable time in getting the Ore into the refinery. However, the Chrono Miner’s ore capacity is lower than that of the Soviet War Miner.

Grizzly TankGrizzly Battle Tank
$700 | Prerequisites: none
The Grizzly is the standard Allied battle tank. Useful for base assaults, Grizzly Battle Tanks are also capable of grinding enemy infantry units under their powerful treads. This all-purpose vehicle is useful both in defence and attack, and is strong against vehicles and structures. It is faster, cheaper, but also less durable than the Soviet Rhino Heavy Tank.

IFVInfantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV)
$600 | Prerequisites: none
An incredibly versatile vehicle, this transport alters its weapon depending on what type of infantry unit is placed inside it. By default, it is armed with a rocket launcher that is effective against air units.
The weapons based on the garrisoned unit are the following:

  • missile launcher: empty, Attack Dog
  • machine gun: G.I., Conscript, Spy
  • flak cannon: Flak Trooper
  • crane for repairing vehicles: Engineer
  • sniper gun: Sniper
  • advanced machine gun: Navy SEAL, Tanya, Chrono Commando, Psi Commando
  • advanced rad cannon: Desolator
  • suicide bomb: Crazy Ivan, Chrono Ivan, Terrorist
  • Tesla cannon: Tesla Trooper
  • psychic blast dome: Psi-Corps Trooper/Yuri
  • prism cannon: President, neutral animals

Tank DestroyerTank Destroyer (Germany only)
Cost: $1000 | Prerequisites: Airforce Command HQ
German engineers have developed the Tank Destroyer, a unit designed specifically to give German forces an edge against enemy armour. While very weak against structures or infantry, Tank Destroyers are extremely powerful against enemy vehicles, and can be used either to clear the way for your own attacks or to blunt incoming columns of enemy armour.

MCVMobile Construction Vehicle (MCV)
$3000 | Prerequisites: Allied Service Depot
As you will see in the section on Allied buildings, the heart of every base is the Construction Yard. On many occasions, you will not start with this structure in place, but will have an MCV at your disposal. When deployed, this vehicle becomes a Construction Yard, providing you with all of the benefits of that building. To deploy an MCV, select the vehicle and hold the cursor over it. If the cursor changes to a golden circle with four arrows, left-clicking on it will deploy the vehicle. If the cursor has a red circle with a line through it, there is either not enough room to deploy or something is in the way. Move the vehicle (or the offending object) to find a suitable deployment site. The MCV is poorly armoured in its mobile state and must be protected at all costs.

Prism TankPrism Tank
$1200 | Prerequisites: Battle Lab
This artillery tank uses a weapon similar to the Allied Prism Tower. The powerful and deadly beam of light launched from the Prism Tank’s cannon reflects from the target to hit other nearby enemies, allowing this vehicle to single-handedly damage or destroy multiple targets at once. The range of dispersal depends on how close the Prism Tank is to its initial target. They are, however, poorly armoured, and are ineffective against vehicles.

Mirage TankMirage Tank
$1000 | Prerequisites: Battle Lab
When not moving, the Mirage Tank changes in appearance to look like a tree. It can fire on enemy units from this camouflaged state, making it difficult for the enemy to discover where the fire is coming from. They do, however, appear in their true form for a brief moment when firing. When used carefully (for instance, deploying Mirage Tanks in or near a forested area), these units can provide a devastating surprise attack. They are effective against infantry and light vehicles.



NighthawkNighthawk Transport
Cost: $1000 | Prerequisites: none
This transport helicopter is used to carry up to 5 infantry units across the map quickly and efficiently, without regard to terrain. The Nighthawk Transport is also completely invisible to enemy radar, making it even more effective at shuttling units back and forth. It is armed with a machine gun to repel enemy infantry.

$1200 | Prerequisites: none
This fast jet aircraft is used for ground attacks against enemy positions. It is effective at strafing enemy structures or incoming columns of enemy units.

Black EagleBlack Eagle (Korea only)
Cost: $1200 | Prerequisites: none
The special weapon in the Korean arsenal is the Black Eagle. Effectively, this aircraft is a stronger Harrier (which it replaces fully), offering increased ability to both take and dish out damage.



Amphibious TransportAmphibious Transport
$900 | Prerequisites: none
The Amphibious Transport is used to transport units from place to place, having 12 slots available. While not invisible to radar like the Nighthawk Transport, the hovercraft is capable of carrying vehicles as well as infantry. It can cross both land and water, allowing for amphibious assaults of enemy positions. This vehicle has no armament, and has weaker armour to its Soviet equivalent.

$1200 | Prerequisites: none
The basic Allied naval unit, the Destroyer is armed with a cannon designed to counter other ships and bombard shorelines. It is capable of detecting submerged units such as submarines and Giant Squids, in which case it uses the Osprey aircraft docked at its back to deal with them. If the Osprey is destroyed, a new one will eventually take its place free of charge.

Aegis CruiserAegis Cruiser
$1000 | Prerequisites: Airforce Command HQ
Another important Allied ship, the Aegis Cruiser is used to defend against aerial attacks. In addition to standard anti-aircraft defenses, Aegis Cruisers are also equipped with anti-missile defenses that can protect vital installations against missile attacks.

$500 | Prerequisites: Battle Lab
Dolphins are an important naval unit for the Allied forces. Submerged and invisible to enemy radar, Dolphins attack with a sonic amplification device. They are effective against enemy ships, particularly Giant Squids and submarines, which they can also detect on their own. When attacked or badly injured, they are visible to all other units.

Aircraft CarrierAircraft Carrier
$2000 | Prerequisites: Battle Lab
The Aircraft Carrier is a large ship that attacks by sending up to 3 of its Hornet aircraft to launch an assault on the target. Hornets land, reload and continue attacking until the selected target is destroyed. Any Hornet lost by the Aircraft Carrier is automatically replaced without any cost.


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