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RA3 Corona Mod DevTalks

10 December 2020 Off

The developers of the infamous Red Alert 3 "Corona Mod", which comes from the Chinese modding Community, have recently released 2 Development Talks, where they go in depth about development of their mod, as well as changes to the base RA3 game they've made. The mod adds a new faction, the "Celestial Empire" based on China. Additionally, it reworks the original 3 RA3 factions and adds a new Tech Tier (Tier 4), as well as research/upgrades.

You can watch their Development Talks below.

Development Talk 1:

Development Talk 2:

Additionally, here are two tracks that will be available in the mod:
- Celestial March
- Jasmine Flower

Keep an eye on their YouTube channel for more!

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Tiberium Essence CABAL update

10 December 2020 Off

Command & Conquer 3's Tiberium Essence mod is a community favorite. Not only does it alter Tiberium Wars to bring it closer to Tiberian Sun's level of advanced technology and Tiberium wildlife, but it also brings many new additions, one of which is a fully-playable Forgotten faction. Tiberium Essence 1 retains the original faction, but Tiberium Essence 2 will go into more interesting directions.

While Tiberium Essence 2's first version added the Forgotten, the next version will also bring a playable CABAL faction. Just in time for the holidays, as usual, mod author Carnius has posted some screenshots of the upcoming CABAL faction to Tiberium Essence's ModDB page, as well as a short update on where development stands for the next release.

CABAL base CABAL "Human Resources"
CABAL army CABAL forces attacking
CABAL forces attacking a Nod base CABAL forces attacking Nod baseCABAL forces attacking Nod base

You can read Carnius' address and update to the community over here. For a better glance at the screenshots, feel free to visit the mod's gallery over here

Enjoy, Commanders!

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Mental Omega 3.3.5 available!

10 December 2020 Off

The popular Mental Omega mod for Yuri's Revenge is no stranger to the C&C community's love. After many years, the long-awaited moment of patch 3.3.5's release is now finally upon us!


Download Links:
Changelog Link:

You may also check the recent additions to each faction's tech tree over at this page.

Enjoy, Commanders!

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Upcoming Tiberian Sun Mods

10 December 2020 Off

Tiberian Sun modding is still active in 2020 and looks to still continue on into 2021! Here are some updates on some of the more interesting TS mods in the community.


Tiberian War: Warzone, the first release of the "Tiberian War Collection" mod for Tiberian Sun, will release this month. You may be familiar with this mod, as it used to be known as "Tiberian Sun WarZone", before mod author Trif_Mircea decided to switch around to a different naming convention.

Game exe Screenshot 2020 11 09   07 17 12 25 Game exe Screenshot 2020 11 27   14 50 12 85

Game exe Screenshot 2020 11 19   22 29 42 08Game.exe_Screenshot_2020.11.14_-_13.29.36.64.pngmoda1.gif

Here's a detailed update on what's new, as well as a small teaser of the following release, "Ion Shock" (Scrin!).



The Nod arsenal in Twisted Insurrection has received a few visual upgrades over the past few months.


Here's some samples:
- Black Hand Ghost
- Eclipse Heavy Tank
- Eclipse V2
- Banshee Interceptor
- Wraith Bomber

There's also a new 2-player map, titled "Serpentine", based off of a Red Resurrection map.



The Second Tiberium War v3.0 will add Naval Warfare and a buildable Navy to its roster, as well as updates to the lighting and an infantry rework.


You can see some of the lighting enhancements here and here. There is also a video showcasing a GDI vs Nod match of a Work-In-Progress 3.0 build right over here. Feel free to visit their image gallery to see the updated infantry visuals, new GDI powerplant upgrade and lighting.


That's all for now, Commanders!

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Rise of the East 2.2 released!

10 December 2020 Off

Rise of the East 2.2 Released! news

Version 2.2 of the Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 - Yuri's Revenge mod, "Rise of the East", which adds new 2 factions (The GLA and China from C&C Generals), has just been released. Rise of the East also reworks and rebalances the classic 3 factions (Allied, Soviet and Yuri), for a better experience.

Click here to read up on what's new in this update (GLA faction and more) and download the latest version of this mod!


RotE 2.2 Download Link

RotE 2.2 Changelog

Official Website - Detailed Faction Units & Buildings

Enjoy, Commanders!

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Renegade X: Firestorm Dev Updates

10 December 2020 Off

Over the past few months, Renegade X developers have released a few Developer Updates (DevTalks) for their upcoming Firestorm expansion, which adds a new Tiberian Sun mode. The new mode streamlines the classic "Command & Conquer" mode from Renegade and Renegade X, all while adding Base Building, new art & game mechanics. DevTalk 3, their latest one, was released just 2 weeks ago, and goes into the devs' vision of the future for Renegade X.


You can check out the 2 older DevTalks below:

- DevTalk 1 (Building a Tiberian Sun FPS)

DevTalk 2 (Level Design & Q&A)


Here are also 4 preview tracks of music that will be played in Tiberian Sun mode:

- Valves

- Kodiak Stranded

- Hostile Lands

- Elusive Chameleon

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DTA Naval Patch (1.194) available!

10 December 2020 Off


Dawn of the Tiberium Age, the Tiberian Sun mod that reworks and mixes Tiberian Dawn with Red Alert 1 on the Tiberian Sun engine, has received its long-awaited Naval Patch. This latest update, which reworks the Navy in the entire mod, for all 4 factions, and add finally adds Naval Transports, as well.

You can read about the update below and download it through the link below:

Enjoy, Commanders!

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C&C Auction by TheTechMonkey now live!

19 November 2020 Off

All Command & Conquer fans, rejoice!

The Tech Monkey AKA SSWarbird, a longtime Command & Conquer fan, along with NodSoldierGirl, have set up a Command & Conquer Charity auction. After many months of hard work, preparations and teases, it is finally live!

The Tech Monkey has even joined forces with Joe Kucan and other C&C devs to make this auction possible. As a result, many signed items will be auctioned off. You may be familiar with the C&C Remastered Nod and GDI PCs that were seen on social media a while ago. These are part of this very auction.

You can check The Tech Monkey's website by clicking this link, for more information pertaining to the auctions. Items will keep going live over the next week or so, so keep an eye out and keep checking back often!


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Update on site issues

1 November 2020 Off

news2017b copy.png

So it turns out that at least part of the issues we've had with the site lately have been due to apparent incompatibility of the rather old theme we'd used with newer versions of WordPress. For the time being, I've put a replacement theme, where everything you see is subject to change. What was important to me is that users can now once again use the navigation bar and view the gallery items, which I've received the most messages about. This is not a finalized design by any means, so things can and will change in the near future as alignments are fixed, colour scheme is tweaked, and button visibility is brought up to previous standards.

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27 October 2020 Off


A streak of anniversary posts, eh? On 27 October 1997, first came online (then under the name TiberianSun.Net.NZ).

While a good year for Command & Conquer, with how the Remastered Collection reinvigorated public interest in the franchise, it was another quiet one on this front. Another round of personal obligations, interests in other (often higher-level) communities and even grabbing a position in a game studio didn't reflect well on the willpower to reignite this site's activity. Also, with the C&C community being increasingly decentralized yet again, thanks to numerous topical and off-topical Discord servers which catch news and things of interest before we can, I think a proper discussion on what the site's future direction really should be is in order. This is in no way a criticism towards those servers, as they have in fact been instrumental in getting a lot of projects going, mods progressing, and even the remasters themselves patched (at least to a decent degree). We just need to find our place again.

Also, I am aware of a glitch on the non-forum part of the site preventing drop-downs from appearing on mouse hover, and medium-to-large gallery pages ending up blank. IIRC there was a similar issue before but I can not remember what the solution was. I will investigate it by the end of the week.

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