Copyright Infringement in Tencent’s Red Alert Online


On April 23rd, we reported on the announcement of Red Alert Online, a mobile game by the Chinese company Tencent. Early sources spoke of an agreement between Tencent, Electronic Arts and Aiyou Interactive Entertainment, but recent findings put the question mark on the legitimacy of the whole project. From data excavated from the game files, several instances of copyright infringement have been discovered, affecting assets from Blizzard Entertainment, Activision, Games Workshop, and even our very own modding community. Electronic Arts has yet to speak about the game at the time of writing. You can read the investigation piece here.


GVMERS: Investigating C&C Generals 2

The YouTube channel GVMERS, already known as a team working on retrospectives for games which have past their prime or have been abandoned by their owners, have created a third video related to the Command & Conquer franchise. In this video, they bring us the full sad story of what was originally announced as Command & Conquer: Generals 2, and was later known simply as Command & Conquer, a free-to-play title. @Rabbit and myself provided input and information on the game's development as assisting information, too!


Tencent Announces A Red Alert Mobile Game, Seems Legitimate

Chinese giant Tencent has announced a game for iOS and Android earlier today. It seems to not only be called Red Alert Online, but from what we can make out of poor support for the Chinese language in Google Translate from the official website, it appears that it is actually licensed, unlike the ripoffs we have become used to seeing over the years. This coincides not only with the rumours of a mobile C&C game being in development, but also news from 2015 announcing partnership between EA and Tencent. Your guesses are as good as ours.

UPDATE: Reddit user markedge linked to this page, showing that this is a joint project by EA, Tencent and Aiyou Interactive Entertainment, with up to 100,000 players being put on a large map.



Community Mega-Update for March and April 2018


It's been over a month since we last gave you a piece of C&C community news. For that, we apologize. Instead of excuses, here's a run-down on what's been going on in the community since we last reported on it:

That about sums it up. If you have news that you'd like us feature on the site, send us a news tip. We are also looking for new news team members, so if you feel you're up to the task, please consider joining our team!


Nmenth’s Research Lab: Tesla Coils


It is the first Monday of April, so it is time for another article from Nmenth's Research Lab. This month, we will explore the Tesla Coils of Command & Conquer and see how they compare with reality.

A new technology will be explored in Nmenth's Research Lab on the first Monday of every month. Return next month on the 7th when I take a closer look at Railguns.


Happy Easter From!



Easter is Here!  And so is April Fools Day! The last time both fell on the same day was over 60 years ago! To celebrate, CNCNZ is hosting an Easter egg hunt! On the main website, we've hidden 30 Easter eggs on different pages. If you find them all, you'll be rewarded with a fun surprise!

Here are some details:

  • You'll have to search the main site! The game pages, the download pages, who knows! We haven't hidden any eggs on the forums because there are too many pages to search.
  • Keep your search to one tab! For some reason, the software is limited to one tab at a time, which means you won't be able to just open up the entire website all at once in 50 different tabs.
  • In some cases, you'll find two eggs on one page!
  • All of the eggs are at fixed locations, refreshing the page over and over won't help!
  • Please don't spoil the fun for everyone else! No posting links for at least a couple days!

We'll remove the eggs in about a week or so, to give everybody a chance to find them.  Good luck!


10 Years of C&C 3: Kane’s Wrath

On 24th March 2008, exactly 10 years ago, Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath for the PC hit the shelves in North America. Being an expansion pack for Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars, Kane's Wrath introduced subfactions in a similar fashion to those in Zero Hour, increasing the total faction number from 3 to 9. The storyline was focused entirely on Nod and Kane, split into three acts: one set after Firestorm, one set prior to and during the events of Tiberium Wars, and one set after Tiberium Wars. The PC version included the Global Conquest mode, described by the developers as "Risk on steroids" while actually being a modified War of the Ring mode from Battle for Middle-earth II, while the Xbox 360 version (which came out in late June 2008) came with Kane's Challenge, a series of glorified skirmishes in which the player had to beat each (sub)faction to prove his worth to Kane himself.

Since the development was outsourced to BreakAway Games, Kane's Wrath ended up being rather buggy and imbalanced, with certain bugs indicating EALA gave them a truly obsolete version of Tiberium Wars to build upon. The campaign cast was narrowed down to three regular on-screen characters, likely due to Red Alert 3 taking up a large chunk of the budget at the time, and the story created more questions than it answered. But you know what? It's still not enough to taint the game, as all who played it still love it and play it despite its shortcomings. Multiplayer tournaments are still active, mods (albeit mostly private at the moment) and maps are still being made, and we always celebrate a lore extension.

To mark the 10th anniversary of Kane's Wrath, has been organizing the Decade Cup through several stages in the past few months, and it will all come to an end with the grand finals TODAY at 15:00 GMT. The finalists are Phoenix and Masterleaf, and the prize pool of $2200 is the largest since the EA-sponsored Ladder Season 3! More information on the event is available here. It will be streamed live by bikerushownz and, for the Russian-speaking audience, kochevnik. Last week's semifinals and quarterfinals are also available to watch.


Mental Omega Version 3.3.3 Released


After a long wait, version 3.3.3 of the beloved Yuri's Revenge mod Mental Omega APYR has been released. Aside from technical improvements like Ares 1.0 integration and a new renderer option (DDrawCompat), this release brings new missions (including 3 of 4 Foehn origin story missions), the new Whipray ship for Foehn, the Quick Fort support power for Scorpion Cell, new maps, the long-awaited map editor FinalAlert 2: Mental Omega, ability to change hotkeys, a statistics screen, rebalances, bugfixes, and loads more. Seriously, just check the changelog, there's a lot of important changes. The patch is available for download on ModDB. If you haven't installed it yet, you will require the base 3.3.0 release, and don't forget to grab the soundtrack files as well.


Throwback Thursday for 8th March

633px copy.png

It's time for another Throwback Thursday! Today, we feature the iconic GDI unit from the first Command & Conquer from 1995, the original Mammoth Tank. This tracked monstrosity had dual cannons with which it punched 120mm holes through any armour, while it countered infantry and aircraft with its twin missile launchers. It was as expensive and slow as it was massive and powerful, and was the only iteration of this vehicle that required a Repair Facility instead of a Tech Center equivalent to be built. In every Command & Conquer game that was released afterwards, except for the Pogo-exclusive browser games, the Mammoth Tank or a redesigned equivalent made an appearance.

Remember, you can click on the preview to see a larger and more detailed image. Don't forget to check out the Throwback Thursdays archives if you've missed a week. Check back again next Thursday for another Throwback. Send in your ideas for future instalments. We also encourage you to share this on social media using the hash tags #ThrowbackThursday, #CnCTBT and #CNCNZTBT.


Nmenth’s Research Lab: Hovercraft


It is the first Monday of March, so it is time for another article from Nmenth's Research Lab. This month, we will explore the Hovercraft of Command & Conquer and see how they compare with reality.

A new technology will be explored in Nmenth's Research Lab on the first Monday of every month. Return next month on the 2nd when I take a closer look at the Tesla Coil.

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