23 Years of Command & Conquer! Game Night Tonight!


Exactly 23 years ago, on 26 September 1995, Westwood Studios shipped the first 200.000 copies of the iconic real-time strategy Command & Conquer. The history that followed has been recorded many times (and purged from inaccuracies even more times), but let's just say that there are very few other games from 1995 that are still played to this day.

So what better way to celebrate that than a game night? Tonight at 21:00 CEST, we will host a game night in Command & Conquer Gold! You can read all the relevant information, rules and link to the installation/patching guide right here.

Mental Omega Version 3.3.4 Released


The beloved Mental Omega APYR mod for Yuri's Revenge has been updated to version 3.3.4! This release makes use of Ares DLL 2.0, and includes 8 new Covert Ops missions, one new Foehn Origins mission, 19 new skirmish/multiplayer maps, one new Challenge map, and a whole range of bug fixes, mission tweaks, and balance changes. You can read the full changelog here!

If you already have an earlier version of Mental Omega that is 3.3.0 or newer, simply launch the client and let it update automatically, or use this manual update package. If you don't have it installed yet, first install the 3.3.0 distribution and then apply the aforementioned update package, and don't forget the optional, but highly recommended soundtrack files!

OpenRA Stable Version 20180923 Released


The stable branch of OpenRA has been updated to version 20180923. The new player account system ties to the official OpenRA forums, the online server list has been improved, Linux packaging has been optimized, new preset and custom colour tabs have been added to lobbies, rendering and unit responsiveness have been enhanced, tech structures now have tooltips and will remain on the map even if their owner is defeated, balance changes were done in Red Alert and Tiberian Dawn, and more.

The mod SDK also received some improvements, and this was showcased by the project that brings KKnD 1 and 2 to the OpenRA engine, that is called simply "KKnD" as a completely non-confusing and totally backfire-proof title.

Old GameSpot’s Tiberian Sun Guide Found in Most Unexpected Place


Community member Zaptagious posted on Reddit a few hours ago about his Google search randomly resulting in discovering the GameSpot Tiberian Sun strategy guide in PDF format, but the source is the most surprising thing of all - the official CIA listing of files found in the compound of the infamous terrorist Osama bin Laden while it was being raided in 2011. 

This has to be the most bizarre finding of any C&C-related thing, of all time, ever.

Nmenth’s Reseach Lab: Magnetism


It is the first Monday of September, so it is time for another article from Nmenth's Research Lab. This month, we will examine the weapons employing Magnetism in Command & Conquer and see how it compares with reality.

A new technology will be explored in Nmenth's Research Lab on the first Monday of every month. Return next month on the 1st when I take a closer look at Mechs.

Command & Conquer Wiki’s Move to Gamepedia Complete


As an overdue follow-up to our initial announcement, the Command & Conquer Wiki (EVA Database) is now officially open on Gamepedia. With the only active administrators (myself and Ssskoopa, here called SuperFeatherYoshi) moving to here, the Wikia version will no longer be managed and everyone is advised to use the one on Gamepedia. We've also been cleaning up some higher-tier articles in the meanwhile, such as Global Defense Initiative and Scrin, so we aim to become the definitive source on anything and everything Command & Conquer in the coming months.

Note that moderation here will be even more rigorous against fan fiction, which has damaged the reputation of the wiki in the past. We have already cropped many articles and there's still more to go. We will be posting in the new admin noticeboard in the coming days to help you help us in that endeavour.

And finally, in the name of the administration at the EVA Database, I would like to thank the Gamepedia/Curse staff for their immense help and patience, as well as their readiness to bring us to their platform.

Arcade Attack Interviews Joe Bostic


A few days ago, the website Arcade Attack, which focuses on retro gaming, sat down with Joseph Bostic, one of the three key people behind the idea of Command & Conquer (the other two being Eydie Laramore and Brett Sperry), and who is now at Petroglyph Games. The interview is quite insightful on the happenings at Westwood Studios way back in the day. Here is an excerpt:

AA: Westwood quickly gained a reputation of producing some of the best games in the world. How do you reflect back on your time on this iconic company and how did you ensure your games were always so consistent?

JB: The magic to creating those games was probably due to small teams with great passion. In those days, the lead programmer had a big, and often primary, influence on the game’s design which led to a measure of consistency.

AA: You worked at Westwood when EA took over the company. Did this takeover impact the company while you were working there and can you describe the atmosphere when the company sadly closed down in 2003?

JB: When EA acquired Westwood, there was very little disruption. I credit Brett Sperry (co-owner of Westwood) for being a champion of keeping the corporate culture of EA separate from Westwood's culture. This was key as it allowed us to continue to work as we always had. The Westwood of 2003 however, was very different. At that time, Westwood had eventually succumbed to the corporate "every game must be a big hit" mentality and that affected the size of the projects as well as the internal culture. This shift from passion to profit took its toll.

Click here to read the rest.

News on Rivals and the C&C Community – Mid/Late August 2018

Let us now catch up with what's been going on on both the official and community fronts while we were inactive.


Command & Conquer: Rivals, despite still very much being in the so-called "pre-alpha" stage, is now nominally at build 1.0. Redwood Studios have added new social features (one of them called Command & Conquer TV for some reason), two new units (GDI Juggernaut and Nod Giga-Cannon), and just five days ago, Brazil became the third country (alongside the United States and Canada) to receive access to the game on Android. The French CnCSaga attended the recently finished gamescom event with a business pass, and managed to take pictures of the Rivals stand on the first, second, and third days. For some reason, it appears that the Rivals stand was not available to those without a full business pass.

Now on to what the community has been up to:

  • Our good friend @Nyerguds has released his latest tool - the Engie File Converter. Originally intended for converting files from the Nintendo 64 version of Command & Conquer, this tool now supports some of the usual C&C file formats like SHP and WSA, and is able to optimize their compression.
  • W3D Hub has published an update on the development of Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising, including screenshots of several structures, but more importantly, a prolonged showcase of the new interiors and recently added features in the game in the 16-minute video shown above. They've also shown a render of the upcoming MiG-29 unit for Red Alert: A Path Beyond.
  • OpenRA has a new playtest version - 20180825. It improves the experimental multiplayer account system, improves support for installing through copies of The Ultimate Collection that have community patches applied, fixes AI Harvester control, fixes AppImage compatibility with Linux Mint and some other fixes and optimizations.
  • MrTimm (known to older community members as Taxikiller) now streams his in-development Tiberium Wars mods every Thursday at 22:00 CEST on his Twitch channel.
  • Finally, on our side, we have removed the C&C Radio link on the front page. It was too much effort to maintain using its admittedly rudimentary technology for the indeed few people who ever tuned into it.

That's it for now. Starting this week, we will resume standard news coverage as we seek it out or the information comes to us. Thank you for your patience during the move.

CNCNZ.com Has Moved To Croatia


If you are reading this, this means that the DNS change has affected you and you have reached the new home of CNCNZ.com. We are now hosted at the more affordable (and more awesome) Croatian hosting company Avalon, which has, coincidentally, also been around since 1997. Yes, we are now hosted in the same country that held Nod Banshee prototype facilities, the same country your MCV got stuck in, and the same country the Scrin went to gather information on Kane from. Let's just say that GDI trash should steer clear. Expect large updates on both Command & Conquer: Rivals and the C&C community at large tomorrow.

CNCNZ.com Moving Servers Soon

news2017b copy.png

We would like to inform you that we will be changing our hosting again, since our current option was a rather transitional one. We do not know how long this will take, and there might be disruptions in access to the site. What we can tell you is that you can follow any and all related messages on our Facebook page, Twitter profile, and our Discord server.

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