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GenPatcher 2.0 Released

After a successful first version, GenPatcher 2.0 has finally arrived. As before, this tool streamlines the installation, patching and configuring process for C&C Generals and Zero Hour on modern systems, implementing multiple fixes at once and tackling pretty much all known causes for problems in setting the game up. This new version, which had been…

By Plokite_Wolf 24 March 2022 Off

So, where has 2021 gone?

Remember us? No? Thought so. As you may have noticed, the site has been scarcely touched since June. This only partly has to do with the usual excuses of real life stuff (professional and private), diverting attention to other and far larger projects (working on an unannounced RTS for 3D Realms/Slipgate Ironworks, maintaining and adding…

By Plokite_Wolf 31 December 2021 Off

Trailer of Dawn of Tomorrow released

After a decade of work, Kilkakon is finally ready to release his massive storyline-centered total conversion mod for Tiberian Dawn, named “Dawn of Tomorrow”.   It features tons of new units, structures and terrain, and a story line replacing the normal campaigns, which features a complete custom-made world map for mission selection, and animated briefing…

By Plokite_Wolf 25 May 2020 Off