C&C Remaster map editor is being improved by Nyerguds

17 July 2022 Off By Plok

As most people know, the C&C Remastered map editor has some issues. The special waypoints in TD are wrong due to some misguided dev putting in 8 multiplayer waypoints, and there are a bunch of random errors and usability issues.

In September 2021, Rampastring took it upon himself to fix some of the most glaring issues, however, he soon stopped working on it, and on top of his fixes, his version also introduced a few serious problems.

Nyerguds finally decided to continue this project, and has added a bunch of his own fixes on top of what Rampa built.

So, without further ado: the C&C Remastered map editor, v1.4:


Most important upgrades:

  • Drag and drop file loading support.
  • Menu shortcuts for New / Open / Save / Save As / Publish
  • A default “open file” filter with the map types for both games.
  • Steam is no longer required to run the editor, only to upload maps to the workshop.
  • Tiles can be painted by holding down the mouse.
  • Tool windows remember their previous position.
  • Fixed damage states for the TD gunboat and the Red Alert buildings.
  • Fixed placement of illegal tiles caused by incorrect filtering on which tiles from a template should be included. This is the problem which caused tiles that showed as black blocks in classic graphics. It is also the problem that made Red Alert maps contain indestructible bridges.
  • Fixed colors of the multiplayer Houses.
  • Fixed displaying of buildings so they are centered on their foundation size.
  • Some things, like crates, were missing names. This has been fixed.
  • All objects except map tilesets will now show a real name and their internal code.
  • Special Overlay types such as the flag location point and TD‘s unused CONC and ROAD pavement can now be used.
  • IQ of all Houses in Red Alert now defaults to 0, so they don’t act in unexpected ways.

For all changes, see the Releases page.