Command & Conquer Red Alert 3: Uprising – Soviet Units




The Soviets indubitably gained the least in Uprising. A light vehicle, a separate grinding unit, a throwback Desolator and an excellent defensive walker do not scale with their enemies’ immense firepower boosts and new long-range capabilities.



New units

s_mortar_cycleMortar Cycle
Cost: $600 | Prerequisites: War Factory
Secondary ability: Porta Mortar/Molotov Cocktails weapon switch
Daredevil heroes of the Soviet Union use Mortar Cycles to rush into combat and peck at the enemy infantry and structures with a glorious one-two punch of Molotov cocktails and mortar fire. Despite being a vehicle, the Mortar Cycle is created from the Barracks.

s_desolaterDesolator Trooper
$1500 | Prerequisites: Battle Lab
Secondary ability:
Deathspray/Splattershot weapon switch
Brave, toothless, hairless soldiers who fear not the enemy, nor their own highly irradiated weaponry: a deathspray weapon that sprays radioactive goo effective against infantry, and a splattershot gun that lowers the resistance of enemy armoured units to that same goo.

$1600 | Prerequisites: none
Secondary ability:
Turbo Charge
Durable and amphibious, the Grinder crushes any infantry or vehicles in its path, and even some structures. Its speed boost ensures that even those enemies fleeing in terror do not miss the experience.
Note: For some reason, the Grinder cannot grind structures while in water.

$1200 | Prerequisites: Super Reactor
Secondary ability:
An early version of the Sickle complete with leaping function, Soviet engineers wisely designed the Reaper’s legs to completely break on landing, turning it into a useful grenade-launching turret. Perhaps contradictingly, deploying increases its durability on the battlefield. Once deployed, a Reaper cannot become mobile again. In both mobile and deployed states, it is effective against vehicles and air units.

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