Command & Conquer Red Alert 3: Uprising – Empire of the Rising Sun Units




The Empire of the Rising Sun got arguably the best-placed additions in Uprising. The anti-air hole in their infantry ranks has been filled and their new walker deals with their lack of heavily armoured units on the ground, but the Giga-Fortress raises the question of imbalance in this expansion pack.


New units

e_archer_maidenArcher Maiden
$500 | Prerequisites: none
Secondary ability:
Barrage Shot
The ancient art of kyudo combines with high-tech energy bows in the hands of the Archer Maidens. They can bring down aircraft, or rain death on ground targets with their exquisite arrow storm ability.

e_steel_roninSteel Ronin
$1600 | Prerequisites: none
Secondary ability:
Power Wave
A swift robot armed with a powerful laser glaive, the Steel Ronin cuts down the Empire’s enemies, then creates explosive energy waves to ensure their destruction.

$6300 | Prerequisites: Docks Breakthrough, Nanotech Mainframe
Secondary ability:
Sky/Sea Fortress mode switch
Breathtaking in scope and ability, Giga Fortress, The Emperor’s Pearl, transforms from a seafaring wonder to a flying siege platform that blots out the sun. Advanced missile systems and cannons make this elegant ship the last thing the Empire’s foes will ever see. It is so large and complex that it has to be constructed from a Nanocore.

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