Command & Conquer Red Alert 3: Uprising – Characters


This is a list of the currently known characters in Command & Conquer Red Alert 3: Uprising and the names of the actors or actresses portraying them.


dasha_fedorovichDasha Fedorovich
Ivana Miličević

Born to a poor family whose 10 children all willingly enlisted in the Soviet armed forces, Dasha was singled out as the most talented of the lot, so much so that Premier Cherdenko himself took notice of her. Dasha is now leader of the Soviet Resistance.


vera_belovaVera Belova
Moran Atias

Veronika Belova, who is commonly known as Vera Belova, is an ukrainian freedom fighter who restored some sense of order and hope to the Soviet people after the collapse of their leadership after the war. She is also known as the White Sparrow.



commander_hillCommander Douglas Hill
Ric Flair

A veteran of the battlefield disgruntled with the way the war is being handled, Hill takes charge of the Allied Forces to show the troops how it’s done. Players will have the opportunity to challenge Commander Hill on the battlefield, but rest assured, he will not go down without a fight, or a good tongue-lashing.

rupert_thornleyRupert Thornely
Malcolm McDowell

President of the European Union. A charming and suave leader at first glance, the President seems to have a devious plan to divert public funds to help build his own private army. He does this by the means of a third party tech corporation called FutureTech. When asked about these dealings, he denies it and tries to come off as diplomatic and charming. Rupert always has smiling and diplomatic public appearance. He makes sure everybody thinks all is well and there is nothing to worry about.

eva_mckennaLt. Eva McKenna
Gemma Atkinson

Eva was the best student in her academy classes year after year, and now personally attends to the highest-ranking members of Allied coalition, ensuring a strong chain of command. Affected by the Soviet-Allied conflict from a young age, she has dedicated her life to serving the Allied cause.

kelly_weaverKelly Weaver
Jodi Lyn O’Keefe

Kelly Weaver is the public figurer head and public relations official for the Future Tech Corporation. As the Head of Corporate Communications for FutureTech Corporation, Ms. Weaver is the ubiquitous voice of one of the world’s leading private defense firms. Due to the proprietary nature of the firm’s research and the highly-sensitive details of its contract with the Allies’ military, she approaches her public-speaking responsibilities with utmost seriousness.

brenda_snowBrenda Snow
Holly Valance

Brenda Snow is a news reporter who specializes in celebrities. She’s often at red carpet events interviewing celebrities, like Rupert Thornley for instance. She also did biographies on other sensational people. On Channel 3 News (AKA News3), she did several news reports about the infamous Imperial psi-commando Yuriko Omega.

lydia_wintersLydia Winters
Louise Griffiths

Lydia Winters is an Allied commander. She is the architect of the Allied global defense network (e.g. the Athena Cannon), instrumental to the victory over Japan and the Soviet Union. This has earned her the right to take on new responsibilities in a more direct role, a post she’s all too happy to take.

Empire of the Rising Sun

takaraTakara Sato
Jamie Chung

Empire of the Rising Sun commander. Takara quickly rose up to become a strong leader for the newly-founded Imperial Final Defense Force. Takara’s experience as the former Chief of the Rocket Angel’s First Battalion in surprise assaults made her an exclusive target. She prides herself for being an increasingly painful thorn to the Allies.

Julia Ling

Izumi was a young Japanese girl, said to be the sister to the dreaded Yuriko Omega, involved in the Shiro Sanitarium experiments – the Omega Program, to be more precise.


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