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Welcome to the Command & Conquer Patch Centre here at CNCNZ.com. Your one stop location to download all of the patches for every Command & Conquer game. We have patches for the original Command & Conquer all the way to more modern Command & Conquer games like Red Alert 3. This section is spilt into separate pages for each Command & Conquer universe. Use the page jump link at the bottom of this page to switch between them.

Always download the latest version of any patch for your game. Unless otherwise stated, each patch version contains all of the updates from any previous version.


Tiberium Universe

[sdm_download id=”7581″ fancy=”1″]

[sdm_download id=”7579″ fancy=”1″]

[sdm_download id=”7573″ fancy=”1″]

[sdm_download id=”7567″ fancy=”1″]

[sdm_download id=”9752″ fancy=”1″]

[sdm_download id=”7600″ fancy=”1″]

[sdm_download id=”7561″ fancy=”1″]

[sdm_download id=”7559″ fancy=”1″]

Looking for the patch notes to find out what exactly each patch changes, updates or adds to a particular Command & Conquer game? Check out our Technical Support & Help Guides for more.

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