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Generals demo

Author: EA Pacific

Purpose: Official demo

Download c_cgeneralsdemo.exe (403 MB)

The official demo version of C&C: Generals.


Generals patch v1.08

Author: EA Los Angeles

Purpose: Official patch

Download Generals-108-brazilian.exe (19.2 MB)

Download Generals-108-chinese.exe (19.2 MB)

Download Generals-108-english.exe (19.2 MB)

Download Generals-108-french.exe (19.2 MB)

Download Generals-108-german.exe (19.2 MB)

Download Generals-108-german2.exe (11.4 MB)

Download Generals-108-italian.exe (19.2 MB)

Download Generals-108-korean.exe (19.2 MB)

Download Generals-108-polish.exe (19.2 MB)

Download Generals-108-spanish.exe (19.2 MB)

The latest official patch for Generals, as was released on 15 December 2005. You can read the full changelog here.

GenTool v8.6

Author: xezon

Purpose: Unofficial patch

Download GenTool_v8.6.exe (8.0 MB)

Download (3.6 MB)

GenTool is a special add-on for Generals and Zero Hour which brings many new features, fixes bugs, exploits and memory leaks, and redirects the multiplayer menu to C&C:Online. For more information, refer to our GenTool page.


Official Generals manual (UK English)

Author: EA Pacific

Purpose: Documentation

Download Command_and_Conquer_-_Generals_-_UK_Manual_-_PC.pdf (3.6 MB)

The official Generals manual from the European release.

Official Generals Worldbuilder manual

Author: EA Pacific

Purpose: Documentation

Download CCGWBpcMAN.pdf (749 KB)

The official manual for the Generals Worldbuilder. The same features apply to the Zero Hour Worldbuilder, and can also help with other iterations of the tool.


Black Sheep mission

Author: EA Pacific

Purpose: Singleplayer mission

Download (243 KB)

An official GLA campaign mission which was cut from the final release, as was released in 2009 by Aaron “APOC” Kaufman.

Flash Fire

Author: EA Pacific

Purpose: Map

Download Flash (221 KB)

An official downloadable skirmish/multiplayer map for two players.

Additional files

Generals Combat Cards

Author: EA

Purpose: Game

Download CombatCards.exe (842 KB)

A free, promotional mini-game from the time Generals was first released. Its gameplay is simple – the player chooses a faction (one of the three from the full game, of course), and plays against the AI in a way that they both choose a unit’s statistic. The card which has the less optimal value of that statistic is moved to the other player’s deck as a captured unit. The game ends when either player loses all cards.

Generals fansite kit

Author: EA Pacific

Purpose: Media kit

Download Generals_Fan_Site_Kit.exe (15.1 MB)

This package includes official promo material from Generals made for fansite creation.

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