W3D Hub Launched

28 January 2015 Off

The development teams of Tiberian Sun: Reborn and Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising have formed a new group and launched a base of operations, called W3D Hub. The entirety of the teams has migrated there, so you can be sure you'll still be playing the Renegade-derived games you know and love. Discussions relevant to those two mods have been ported to the new forums as well, so you will not miss out on anything.




Click here to see their forums and greet them.

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Command & Conquer Board Game

18 February 2014 Off

Now here's something different, its a Command & Conquer Board Game. Created by Mathias Detzner, this fan made board game takes the battles from your computer screen to the table. The game itself will not be made available for retail sale. What we don't know is, will the game be made available to others in some form? Watch this video below to learn more.



Command & Conquer Board Game is on Facebook, where you will also find a few more pictures of the how the game is set up.

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New RA3 Featured Map: Riverside Rumble Redux

5 April 2009 Off

Gren has uploaded his latest Red Alert 3 map. Its a near perfect remake of Riverside Rumble for Tiberium Wars. Here's the details.


Riverside Rumble Redux

Red Alert 3 Skirmish map created from the original C&C 3 Tiberium Wars map. The map has been made into a 4 player version with lots of assets and mining opportunities. Naval construction is disabled so its an all-out Air & Land conflict. The map is most enjoyable as a 2v2 with players to the North of the river teaming up against the players to the South.


And if you need more maps for Red Alert 3 and even Uprising check out these downloads.


This is a map pack that contains four maps from Red Alert 3: Uprising that can be used with Red Alert 3. Twisted Terrace, Killington Cove, Honor Bound, Trench Warfare.



This map pack contains all the maps from Red Alert 3 that are not available in Red Alert 3: Uprising.

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Gamestop’s Kane’s Wrath Xbox 360 Pre-Order Deal

23 April 2008 Off

If your planning on purchasing Kane’s Wrath for the Xbox 360 you should get it from Gamestop. Pre-order Command & Conquer 3 Kane’s Wrath online from Gamestop and get a Kane Talking Bobblehead with your order as a bonus.



I’ve already got one of these Kane Talking Bobbleheads sitting on my desk, its almost like he is standing guard. If you already have Kane’s Wrath on the PC you can score yourself a Kane Talking Bobblehead from the Official C&C Store for just $19.95 (US dollars).

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