Command & Conquer 10th Anniversary


At we decided to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Command & Conquer. We originally came up with idea back in the middle of 2004.

This section looks back at the  events planned by, as well as what other sites in the C&C Community did as well. After all this really was a community wide event.

Frank Klepacki’s C&C 10th Anniversary Message

This isn’t just any message, it’s a special audio message from an old “Commando” friend. Frank’s way of saying “I’ve got a present for Ya!” to the entire community. You can download it below.

Download Frank’s Message (597 KB)

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C&C 10th Anniversary Events

C&C 10th Anniversary Forum Style

We designed a very special theme for our forums. Its no longer available due to a change in our forum software, but you can check it out below.


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