Command & Conquer 10th Anniversary – Frequently Asked Questions


What is the C&C 10th Anniversary Celebration?

It is basically what it says. A massive celebration to celebrate a huge milestone within the C&C franchise.

OK, but when is it?

The celebration will be ongoing for a whole week coinciding with C&C: Tiberian Dawn’s release back on 31st August 1995. It will start from Monday 29th August right through to Sunday 4th September this year. This will allow everybody to get involved so that no one misses out.

Who actually came up with the idea?

C&C King (Saracen), Co-webmaster of came up with the idea back in May 2004. It was considered too premature at the time to initiate, but now with the anniversary closing in fast, the initialisation has begun.

Why not have it as a community wide thing, and also use it to promote the community site, CNC Community? While I’m sure CNCNZ can do it, it would seem better and more united coming from CNC Community?

The celebration is a community wide event. is only a launch pad for this event however, and are not trying to plan the entire event under one roof. Numerous webmasters have been contacted, and so have EA and Petroglyph. All these people will have as much opportunity of planning this event.

At least if we let every fan-site in the community, in conjunction with and the support of the CNC Community website, to do their bit, everyone can be sure to get the fair share of the pie so to speak. And thus everybody can get involved, and not just only those in the community that know and swear by a select site or number of sites.

Who has pledged their support so far?

So far Sonic has, Lion of CnC Den, Chickendippers of CNC Community & CNCWorld, and many other webmasters have shown their support and are looking into what they can plan for this event.

Also the ex-Westwood staff at Petroglyph have shown their support to the 10th Anniversary celebration. As so have Electronic Arts who wish to help in any way possible!

If I come up with an idea, how can I go about implementing it so everybody can benefit?

There are 2 ways in which you can get your idea recognised. Firstly you can go to our forums, where you can submit an idea. If good enough, then a reply will be submitted or e-mail sent. The second option is to e-mail your idea to the webmaster of the community website you visit most often. Making sure you make mention of the C&C 10th Anniversary celebration in your subject line. You should then receive a reply on their thoughts and if whether or not they would impliment into their celebratory plans.

I am a community webmaster/fansite staff, what plans or ideas are underway at the moment that I could use?

Plans for the event are still in their infancy. However ideas are rife, and most probably all of the following will be implimented. Tournaments, Competitions, Interviews, 10th Anniversary maps and downloads, fansite battles etc. There are many more ideas to come up with. There are no limits to what you could do to celebrate the 10th Anniversary, just your own imagination!