Command & Conquer Trivia

#31 – Jumpjet Infantry in Command & Conquer

According to concept art from 1995, Command & Conquer was to have jump-jet infantry that would use so-called aero packs, armed with 10 mm Gatling guns and outfitted with Infrared cameras and retracting legs.


#32 – Parasite Trooper was Designed by Westwood

This is a crop of a Phil Robb’s multi-unit concept art piece, showing a jump jet infantry unit with insignia similar to Yuri’s. It fits the description of the commonly used Parasite Trooper from various mods and indicates that the unit was actually Westwood’s idea.


#33 – Tiberium References in Popular Culture

According to EVA Database, Tiberium was referred to three times in popular culture. In SimCity 4, when placing industrial zones, an industry named “Kane Tiberium” will appear.

In The Sims 3: World Adventures, Tiberium can be obtained in the form of a relic from Egypt, combining certain combinations of relics using a Carter’s series display case, or breaking space rocks using the Board Breaker. It will start out as a small Spire Cut Tiberium that can be sold for 89 Simoleons, but within a single day, it will become a Large Spire Cut Tiberium worth 30.000 Simoleons. Leaving a Large Spire Cut Tiberium out on the lawn will spawn more Spire Cut Tiberium. Leaving a piece of Tiberium in a Sim’s inventory for a while will give the Sim “Tiberium Poisoning”, which drops the Sim’s mood by 20, causes them to become very sick and vomit frequently.

Lady GaGa’s video for her single “Telephone” mentions Tiberium among the ingredients for a poison.


#34 – C&C Generals GLA Aircraft

Victory Games was not the first studio to come to the idea of GLA aircraft.


Westwood Pacific (later EA Pacific) did so in the rare 2002 trailer for C&C Generals shown below. Go to the 0:57 mark to see the GLA version of the Me 262.

#35 – Tiberian Sun 1998 & 1999 E3 Footage

No comment on these. Just sit back, enjoy, and notice how many things have changed. Unfortunately, the videos are in German and the uploader didn’t subtitle them.



#36 – Pre-Release Red Alert 3 Character Appearances

This is what Prince Tatsu was originally supposed to look like. This image was posted a few days ago on the official C&C Facebook page along with other Red Alert 3 character cards that certain community members could obtain with their actors’ autographs. Instead of Ron Yuan, Tatsu was played by Shin Koyamada.

Believe it or not, this was the original Oleg. His name is unknown, but somehow, was able to snatch this picture and get away with it. A short statement from EA about it can be read below.


Hey Pierre,

Where did you guys get that image from? That’s an actor we originally cast to play the role of Oleg Vodnik, but he never made it into the final game. He didn’t really work out for us, so we cast Dimitri Diatchenko instead.

We had used Dimitri about a year earlier for a very early test shoot that we did for RA3, and we didn’t think the actor pictured above did as good a job as Dimitri did for us originally, so we re-cast Dimitri.

I hope that answers your question.


#37 – Special German Red Alert Soundtrack

There was a unique two-disc soundtrack pack for Red Alert in Germany. The first one was identical to the one shipped with the RA Special Edition worldwide, but the second was a compilation of commercial songs by various artists.


These include:

  1. Cobalt 60 – Crush
  2. Revolter – Full Screen Horror
  3. 16 Volt – Two Wires Thin
  4. Laibach – God is God
  5. OOMPH! – I.N.R.I. vs. Jahwe
  6. Project Pitchfork – 2069 AD
  7. The Prodigy – Breathe
  8. Machines of Loving Grace – Richest Junkie Still Alive
  9. Ugly Mustard – Twist and Shake (live here)
  10. Strapping Young Lad – Spirituality
  11. Girls Under Glass – Burning Eyes (live here)
  12. Psykosonik – Ride
  13. Violent Vision – Pleasure of Sin [Remix] (original here)

#38 – Top 5 Command & Conquer Videos on YouTube

Sorted by view count, these are the top 5 most viewed C&C videos on YouTube:

  1. Red Alert 3 Launch Trailer (3.644.923) via Machinima
  2. Hell March 2 (3.476.455) via hapokas112
  3. Hell March (2.601.625) via hapokas112
  4. Red Alert 3 Remix (2.237.789) via EA
  5. Soviet March (2.123.597) via OMGClanChannel

And here are the top 5 community-made C&C videos:

  1. North Korean Hell March (816.823) via mkbashi
  2. Top 10 Weapons of command & conquer generals (749.149) via darkyoshi123
  3. Command & Conquer (686.323) via CuteFloor
  4. C&C Superweapons – Red Alert 2 and Yuri’s Revenge (494.482) via kotovsky79
  5. Command & Conquer Zero Hour Gameplay (389.892) via Pinoyako11705

It seems Red Alert 3 is not as unpopular as it might seem at first glance, while the community seemingly only needs to make Hell March covers and gameplay videos of oldies to get high view counts.

#39 – GDI AA Vehicle in Command & Conquer

A cutscene in Tiberian Dawn, which is also found in the game’s trailers, shows a GDI AA vehicle attacking an Apache gunship that is about to destroy it. This vehicle was never seen in the game itself, however. It is most likely the Italian SIDAM 25, which saw the light of day in the real world in 1987.


#40- Zero Hour Specific Command Centers

Eight residual Command Center designs exist in Zero Hour. Unlike the final versions, they differ in design, not just by insignia.

Kwai does not have one of these, either because it was deleted mid-development or was not rendered to begin with.

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