Command & Conquer Trivia

#11 – Turtle Mode for Structures in Red Alert 2

Certain Soviet structures in Red Alert 2 had special additions to their concept art. This refers to the cut Turtle mode. This mode would enable the structures to gain in armour if the need arose, but that would disable their production abilities. This was designed on the Construction yard, Barracks and Tesla Reactor.




#12 – The Chrono Vortex in Red Alert

A rather rare occurrence in the original Red Alert is the Chrono Vortex. Every usage of the Chronosphere (not the Chrono Tank, though) has a 20% possibility of creating a moving vortex that decimates everything in its path with electrical bolts. Rumours say that the vortex can be collapsed by sending a large number of expendable units towards it.

The Chrono vortex is also mentioned ingame when Stavros warns Commander A9 that the Chronosphere may have some “unknown side effects”.

#13 – Yuri’s Hotline

According to, Westwood Studios opened a hotline at 1-900-454-YURI which you could call and find out if domination was in your future. The cost was $0.95 per minute and it was a few minutes long.

#14 – Steel Talons and ZOCOM Logos

The logos used by Steel Talons and ZOCOM in Kane’s Wrath were originally made for vanilla GDI for Tiberian Sun in 1999. However, the ZOCOM logo was considered a favourite in EALA when Tiberium Wars was under development, and certain renders such as the pre-release Predator Tank used this logo as the GDI one. The Steel Talons logo was not given much attention, as the vanilla GDI logo from TS can be given simply by flipping the Steel Talons logo horizontally.



#15 – Tiberian Incursion Recycling (Part 1)

EALA recycled more elements from Westwood. This time, it’s the GDI and Nod/CABAL power plants from the cancelled C&C 3: Tiberian Incursion, which was in development between 2000 and 2003. These designs are almost completely identical to the ones used in C&C 3: Tiberium Wars and Kane’s Wrath.



Suicide bombers known as Fanatics also survived the development team change…
NOTE: Phil Robb mistakenly tagged all his Tiberian Incursion art as C&C Generals art.


#16 – Tiberian Incursion Recycling (Part 2)

The Sniper looks very similar to the one used in Tiberium Wars, but is missing a sophisticated look on his rifle and a laser pointer.



Civilian vehicles were designed in the same style as the ones in Tiberium Wars…


…and so were bridges.


EALA apparently knew more about C&C lore as some might think.

#17 – Cut Generals from C&C Generals

Three generals from the vanilla C&C Generals version that was developed by Westwood Pacific have residual images in the game files.

  • Bradley, the US tank general, a spiritual predecessor to the Chinese Ta Hun Kwai.
  • Thorn, the US special forces general. He might have inspired Mercury Red from C&C F2P.
  • Griffon, the US air force general, the predecessor to Malcolm Granger.

There are also some more generals that were cut, but do not have visual depictions either: Ironside (US boss general), Chen (Chinese Red Army/infantry general), Jin (Chinese People’s Police general) and Kurtz (African faction general). It should also be noted that Mohmar was supposed to be the GLA boss general and was intended to appear in skirmish/multiplayer and Generals’ Challenge, but was narrowed down to a campaign role.

#18 – JohnWE and the TCN in Tiberium Twilight

For those of you who don’t know, the Tiberium Control Network is a system built by GDI and Nod in C&C 4 to control the spread of Tiberium, imagined by Kane. The strange part of it is the actual author of the technology: Abbot John W.E. Vladislav. He did it by reversing Scrin technology and also contributed in making the SG-11 Salamander. Guess our biggest C&C fan got a long way in Nod’s ranks.

Click here ver some extra proof to back this up  (note: only the text is preserved, so the site has barely any HTML coding stuff and you need to scroll on)

#19 – Leopard Tank in C&C Generals

The Crusader Tank was a cut USA vehicle from C&C Generals . It was capable of travelling both with its treads and through hovering (when upgraded).



More info here.

#20 – Red Alert 2 Beta Footage

There is a very small number of people who have seen actual RA2 beta footage other than the screenshots. Let us now change that, shall we? Here we have several rare videos.

E3 2000


Demo from Collector’s Edition DVD (notice some different unit looks and similar goodies)


Making of

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