New Tiberium Alliances Forums Coming Soon


It has been announced on the Official Tiberium Alliances Site that new community forums will be opened for all fans of the browser based Command & Conquer game. Here is the announcement….


Hi Commanders,

We’re happy to announce that next week on Monday, May 15, we will officially move to a new forum. The reworked forum will enable a lot more features, a new design and will get rid of annoying bugs and flaws in the usage of the forum. It will also provide you with an easier way of following threads and subscribing to topics and users.

Nothing will change for your player account and the way you log into the forums, your existing account and name will remain exactly the same.

The current forums content will sadly not be imported to the new forum. Important threads and topics will be moved to the new software by moderators and staff, but the majority of content and existing topics will not be moved.
We will make the current forum available as read-only so you are very welcome to look something up whenever you want. Nonetheless, please make sure to save any content that you might want to keep for yourself.

Thanks for your understanding.

So just as it says you can expect to see these new forums on the 15th of May.

Source: Command & Conquer News

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