Command & Conquer: The Ultimate Collection – Official FAQ


What comes in the box if I buy the physical version?

You will get a code to enter into Origin to be able to download and play the 17 titles as you please. You will also get a CD with the music compilation, a commemorative piece of art (as pictured on the webpage), and you will be entitled for early access to Command & Conquer.

What’s the difference between the physical and digital versions?

The physical version includes a code to download the 17 titles, the music CD, the commemorative art, and the early access to Command & Conquer. The digital version includes the 17 titles, the early access to Command & Conquer, and the music compilation as a download within Origin.

What does “early access to the next Command & Conquer” mean?

We have not released details on timing yet, but it will entitle you to early access to Command & Conquer. This is separate from and earlier than the public beta registration. Once you’ve purchased or redeemed a code for The Ultimate Collection in Origin, we will be able to contact you with further information about the early access. For more information, please visit

If I already own some or all of these games, what’s new about these?

The 17 titles have been updated to work for Windows 7 and Windows Vista. In addition, since they are now playable via Origin, you will be able to utilize many of the Origin features such as cloud saves.

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