Service Depot: Official Tiberian Sun Freeware Release Instructions

The following is the official guide for the freeware release of C&C: Tiberian Sun and Firestorm as was released by Electronic Arts in February 2010.

For a more complete and up-to-date solution, check out the guide titled Installing Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun & Firestorm.


*This is version patch 2.03 of Tiberian Sun and a direct copy from Command & Conquer The First Decade*


  • Unzip the .RAR file to C:\Program Files directory, after completion the file structure should begin with the EA Games folder
  • Simply click the “Play Tiberian Sun” shortcut in the EA Games folder


Due to the legacy and maintenance of the Westwood Online servers, we cannot guarantee successful online play.
Online play is hosted and run by XWIS at Please refer to their site for trouble-shooting.
  1. Please make sure the “EA Games” folder has been unzipped to your C:\Program Files directory
  2. Double-click “tibsun_regadd”. You will get a successful registry update message.
  3. In the “Internet” folder, double-click the “registerWOL.exe” batch file, this will correct your DLL files, click the successful message twice

    If you do not complete the above steps exactly, you will likely get a crash error or “missing online library” error

  4. Click “Play Tiberian Sun” shortcut or Game.exe to boot the game up
  5. At the Main Menu click Internet. After a series of messages you will be at the username creation screen.
  6. CRITICAL – create any username and create a password that MUST BE 8 characters in length, You do not need to click “new account”
  7. Select your country location and desired server, then hit OK
  8. You should be taken to the main online lobby where you can join/create games if users are online

Please note, maintenance and moderation of the Tiberian Sun online servers is handled strictly by XWIS at

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