Roundtable Discussion #31 – August 2011


It has many months since our last Roundtable so we thought we would do a catch up edition with questions submitted by fans.

  • Sonic – Webmaster
  • Zee Hypnotist – Forums Moderator
  • Plokite_Wolf – News Team
  • dbjs2009 – News Team
  • Banshee – Project Perfect Mod
  • Chickendippers – CNC World
  • Cypher – Planet CNC
  • Blbpaws – CNC Labs

Question 1) Looking into your crystal ball. What new C&C game do you think Victory Games might be developing?

Sonic: Popular fan speculation is that it will be Generals 2, but in all honesty there is nothing to build on from what was done in Generals and Zero Hour. So I think its going to be a franchise reboot game in the style of what EA did with Medal of Honor. It will be “Command & Conquer” but it won’t be GDI/Nod or anything, no Red Alert. It will be something entirley new. New IP, new franchise, a fresh start. The days of recylcling the same tired stuff we had in the past are over, and its about damn time. Without straying off topic here to far. My only concern is that they don’t reboot the franchise only to see end up like how Activision churn out another Call of Duty/Modern Warfare rehash every 10 months or so.

Zee Hypnotist:Something related to Generals, just because everyone’s hinting at it, and so far, it seems Victory Games is more interested in actually listening to the fans than the previous club owners. I think it’s just time for a return to the Generals atmosphere, even if Red Alert 3 was basically Generals with 3 different factions.

Plokite_Wolf: It’s a new studio, so we can expect anything, from Generals 2 to a totally new universe. They haven’t posted anything since they were formed, and that can be a sign of a quality game, assuming that they’ve learned on EALA’s example. Strangely enough, I have a hunch they haven’t.

dbjs2009: Well, as for the time being I can’t tell what it’s gonna be, but I hope it’s going to be the best C&C game that ever came!

Banshee: I have no clue. It could be anything. From a new universe to another Red Alert, Tiberian or Generals game. There is no tips so far or they are very well hidden. If they follow the current layout from the official C&C site, it’s another Tiberian game or a new universe. However, the tips left by APOC before leaving led me to believe that Generals 2 would be the next game.

Chickendippers: Anecdotal evidence would suggest it’s a Generals sequel, but I’ve no solid facts to back it up.

Cypher: My crystal ball says that it ain’t a game about Tiberium (noun), so it’s not a Tiberian (adjective) game. Also, it’s probably not a Red Alert game either, though on that I can’t be sure.

What’s left? Generals? Says who?
Maybe, in the ever relevant words of Monty Python, it’s time for something completely different.

Blbpaws: I think it’s going to be an RTS, and they’re going to try to push the envelope of that genre a bit–it sorely needs it, and it has to be done in order for RTS to remain profitable at the level they are looking for. Whether that’s successful, I don’t know.

Question 2) Our new community manager, EA_CIRE, has been on the job for awhile now. How do you think he’s doing so far?

Sonic: Not going to judge the guy yet. He’s in a tough spot right now. He needs to keep the community active but find ways to do this with no actual official game announced or anything. I’m not expecting him to be like APOC was, if does that’s great. But we need to work with him, not against him.

Zee Hypnotist: Well, I’ve heard no complaints about the guy, which is good, but I’ve also heard no positive feedback either. I’ve learned all too well over the years though that “no news is good news,” so he must be doing a pretty good job. As for my own opinions, I don’t know him well, but he is making himself known around the community, which is a great start. Can’t be a leader without leading, and he’s definitely making his way around.

Plokite_Wolf: Ever since he got the job of the community manager, I haven’t seen him do anything but setting up a bugged forum and promoting our C&C Legos series on the Official C&C Facebook fanpage. In my opinion, he’ll have a hard time being as half as good as APOC.

dbjs2009: He’s good, not bad at all, although it’s still the start and nothing interesting happened yet but that doesn’t mean he’s a bad manager, so I wish him luck and success in this career, hopefully something big is coming.

Banshee: Considering his conditions, he’s actually surprising me positively in some aspects. The Studio did not allow him to post anything about the next C&C game, so he is promoting contests for older games. Also the C&C site is getting updates once in a while and he is somewhat active in the forums. This is the good part.

But there are things that he did, which I hated already such as wiping the older C&C pages and… specially: the classics download page. That was a capital crime! And I won’t be surprised if RA2 does not become freeware.

Chickendippers: He seems to be doing a good job surveying the community, asking for our favourite aspects from previous games and keeping the official site up-to-date. But I haven’t heard anything from him, but I suppose there’s no much news to promote.

Cypher: Well, I think he’s been largely remiss in paying his monthly tribute – to me, that is ;). Other than that, new forums, new web site, quick responses to requests and changes, new tournament to try and keep the community alive.

Eric has two hurdles to overcome:

He’s still away from the team. And commuting from Cologne to LA is not as easy as it might seem to some. When he’ll permanently be at EALA things will pick up.

We’re in a community low. Maybe an all time low. There’s no new game to talk about. The old games are largely abandoned (again, the tournaments are trying…). The last game was so critically acclaimed and lauded that the community was dumbfounded to even speak of it. Or something to that effect. And there aren’t even any good conspiracy theories to munch over. No closing of Westwood, no WSE hackers no nothing. So, it’s a low that will mostly naturally pick up with an announcement. Doesn’t have to be the announcement of the new game, mind you. Some exciting community projects, semi official maybe even, can do the trick as well.

Blbpaws: I really haven’t heard anything from him. It would seem to me that natural thing to do would be to try to stepping up modding outreach during this slow period, but I haven’t noticed that, just some pretty minimal discussions on the official forums about past games.

Question 3) What do you think about this C&C Community Bracket Game that has been running for the past month or so?

Sonic: Got to be honest, other than reporting the news of it here on I haven’t taken much notice. Never voted for anything either. But I take for what it is, something to keep the community busy and it provides discussion. It is not a 100% accurate way of determining what is the most popular C&C game anyway. I heard people were registering extra accounts on the Offical C&C Forums to vote multiple times anyway.

Zee Hypnotist: Great concept, terrible execution. I think if we wanted to find out the true winner, we should line ALL the games up side by side, and play the bracket in sort of a Musical Chairs fashion, where we vote on ALL the games every week, and whichever game has the least amount of votes is eliminated.

Plokite_Wolf: It shows what the C&C community thinks of the games released so far. I’ve heard rumours of setting up the results, but I still think that the finale was expected nevertheless – Yuri’s Revenge and Zero Hour have always been the favourites among the players and modders.

dbjs2009: It might be a good move in the official community and it had shown an interest in the classics, however I personally see no point behind that bracket at all.

Banshee: Waste of time. Really, it measures popularity between two games. Ideally, that’s all it does, with no defined criteria whatsoever. However, in the reality, it doesn’t really measures popularity. It measures the ability of a certain game to instigate people who waste their time creating multiples accounts to make their ‘favorite’ game win in the poll.

Chickendippers: Seems like an overly complicated “which is your favourite game” which every C&C forum has. Can’t see the point.

Cypher: Haven’t really given it much thought. So I guess I’ll go with “I don’t think about this C&C Community Bracket Game that has been running for the month or so”.

Blbpaws: I haven’t really been following it. I appreciated something about all the games (though C&C 4 left a ton to be desired), and I don’t know that there’s a lot to be gained from trying to compare them.

Question 4) Compared to the previous one. What do you like and dislike about the current Official C&C Site?

Sonic: What I dislike is the lack of and RSS feed. All modern sites should have this. There is a serious lack of content. All of the content from the old site should have been transfered over to the new one. But the positives are its appearance, the new forums work well, but people have problems with logging in or staying logged in.

Zee Hypnotist: I’ve hardly ever liked any of the sites on the basis that the sites themselves don’t support the older games. But hey, that’s what fansites are for, eh? On a serious note, I hardly have time to visit their site, let alone post in their forums, so I can’t say too much.

Plokite_Wolf: The site is visually nicer than the one hosted by EALA, and shows that Victory Games didn’t forget about the older C&C releases. However, it’s only eye candy, and all it has are game descriptions and C&C 3 downloads. The site has potential, but it really needs to be worked on, as no changes have been made since February.

dbjs2009: I personally don’t hang out on any official site and I don’t think I will. The previous site was not updated and the community was full of empty threads, so if we compare it to the current site, I say the current site is much better.

Banshee: Where should I start? Hmm… I dislike the fact that the content from previous sites were wiped and not brought into the new site. So, this new site barely has any content and the download links to old C&C games were wiped. Also, I dislike that I haven’t seen any news about mods for a long time. There is also no links for community sites, which is also awful, since they need to be promoted, specially in times where no new C&C game is being spotlighted and the most recent one was an epic failure.

The positive aspects is that the layout is better and the new forums are more comfortable than the previous one.

Chickendippers: It’s much better than the C&C4-only orientated website, at least it has a section for each game even if there’s not much there yet and the C&CTV archive has been lost. It’s not as good as the old ‘Portal’ site which had loads of room for news for each game and I know Apoc and 2Poc spent a lot of effort updating and a adding lots of downloads.

Cypher: [No Answer Given]

Blbpaws: I definitely don’t follow the official site enough to comment on this authoritatively. There’s not a lot of reason to go there right now, as the only news is modding news.

Question 5) We can’t forget modding. What are some of the mods that have captured your attention lately?

Sonic: I don’t follow many, but I really like what I’ve seen with the Red Alert Synergy mod for Red Alert 3. The have some cool looking units and they brought back Yuri! Was so hoping to give Renegade X: Black Dawn a plug, but we haven’t heard much them for awhile.

Zee Hypnotist:Red Alert Synergy has definitely impressed me. I absolutely love Yuri’s army, and I’m happy to see someone expanding it to a more modern game. Looking forward to see what all else Bluehell Productions has to dish out.

Plokite_Wolf: The Red Alert, Red Alert: Synergy and C&C Vortex. I’ve played The Red Alert beta and I can tell that it will be a really successful total conversion mod, imitating Red Alert 1 almost perfectly. I can’t describe why I like Red Alert: Synergy, maybe because of the way they gave Yuri’s arsenal a completely new look and feeling. I also expect C&C Vortex to have a great multiplayer because it will give us a chance to use the best weapons from the entire C&C universe, all in one mod.

dbjs2009: First of all, these days mods and projects is what keeping the community alive, so I personally thank all the modders for the hard work and their effort to keep the community alive. As for what caught my attention, there are many great mods in the community so it’s hard to tell, but recently I’ve been keeping my eye at some creative mods like the Vortex, Red Alert Synergy, Mental Omega APYR, Rengade-X, Twisted Insurrection and much more that I can’t really talk about them all right now.

Banshee: D-Day (RA2:YR), Twisted Insurrection (TS) and there is an interesting looking mod called Timeless War (TW) from the guys from

Chickendippers: I haven’t been paying much attention recently.

Cypher: Well, I’m mostly focused on Tiberian Sun Rising. Thinking and rethinking and restructuring and retooling and re… doing the original Tiberian Sun campaign to be fully canon (both Nod and GDI) and make sense. It’s doable – it’s done, actually – but I need good map makers, or mission makers, to actually do the maps.

So, shameless free advertising:
Tiberian Sun Rising is looking for level designers.
If you want to contribute to a great narrative and help design the narrative in it’s gameplay form, contact us. We are looking for as many level designers and mission designers as possible. It’s an ambitious project, and while the units and features are largely done and ready for testing, the maps are not. So go to or email me at [email protected].

Blbpaws: I’m very proud of The Red Alert (, our mod recreating the original Red Alert in 3D. We’ve been playing our beta a lot internally, and having a great time with some of the classic gameplay. We expect to be done by the end of summer, and just finished a really nice trailer that we’ll be using as a launch trailer. Fans of the classic games and gameplay will definitely appreciate this project, building on C&C All Stars and The Forgotten.

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