Command School

Command School is a show which will provide in-depth tips and strategies from the C&C dev team for the beginning, intermediate, and advanced C&C players. Each episode has three parts, catering to a specific skill level. The show is hosted by Producer Greg Kasavin.

Command School Episode 1 (Pilot)

Original air date: 12 October 2007
In Episode 1 of Command School, Producer Greg Kasavin discusses some of the most popular build orders for balanced gamers and rushers for the first 2 minutes of your game, base creeping, and more strategies for the advanced and beginner C&C 3 players.

Command School Episode 2

Original air date: 9 November 2007
In Command School Episode 2 check out producer Greg Kasavin’s Scrin Spectacular and End-Game Explosions Montage, and then see which of your strategies was original enough to make Command School Honors. Running just under 10 minutes.

Command School Episode 3

Original air date: 18 December 2007
Producer Greg Kasavin brings you Episode 3 of Command School. Check out the latest dev tested, player approved, strategies for GDI, Nod, and the Scrin, to help you defeat your enemy with the latest Patch 1.09.

Command School Episode 4

Original air date: 19 January 2008
In Episode 4, Producer Greg Kasavin breaks down the Nod factions, teaches you how to create a balanced strike force, what it’s like to win or lose a match in 3 minutes and how to do it, and one helluva Command School Honors will teach you a good lesson about the Orca Engineer rush. You’ll also get a helpful tip about camera control & map awareness.

Command School Episode 5

Original air date: 23 February 2008
In this episode Producer Greg Kasavin will unleash new strategies for Command & Conquer 3 involving EMP and Stealth tactics with all 3 factions, as well as Tier 3 counters such as flanking with Zone Troopers with jet packs..we bet many of you have never used that tactic before. You’ll also witness another brilliant Command School honors submission and the ever-popular tip of the week.

Command School Episode 6 (Kane’s Wrath Edition)

Original air date: 14 March 2008
This week on Command School – keep your enemy in check with new Ravager and Hammerhead harrassment techniques, go commando with the Traveler-59 prodigy and cultist and the Blackhand’s Twin Sisters, and master the Epic Unit in competitive play. Be ready for Kane’s Wrath.

Command School Episode 7

Original air date: 12 April 2008
On this episode of Command School, we show you how to play the Blackhand in our first subfaction feature, break down the newest Tournament map, Tournament Decision, and share our guide to Tier 3 strike forces for tactical games or Global Conquest Mode. All this for Kane’s Wrath! Don’t miss it!

Command School Episode 8

Original air date: 10 May 2008
6 fan-submitted strats in a super-sized Command School Honors, Greg and Jason join break down the stats in David vs. Raj on BCPT 9, Part 2 of our subfaction breakdown: the Steel Talons, plus tips on telestration and voice commentary! All of this on a new episode of Command School.

Command School Episode 9

Original air date: 16 June 2008
Get ready for the upcoming Kane’s Wrath balance patch and learn to play like the pros with hot keys! Also get the latest developer strategies for the sub-faction, Traveller-59, and check out our new “military” style segment, the war room! All of this on a new episode of Command School now!

Command School Episode 10

Original air date: 18 July 2008
Today on Command School – get the low down on the new Red Alert 3 Empire of the Rising Sun faction. We’ll spotlight their transforming air units and new build mechanic – the nano core! Plus, we’ve got Soviet secondary abilities and Allied support powers in our exclusive beta preview edition of Command School. And don’t worry Kane’s Wrath fans, we’ve got you covered with the Tip of the Week and Command School Honors. School’s in session!

Command School Episode 11

Original air date: 16 August 2008
On this episode of Command School we show you the unit special abilities for Red Alert 3 and alternate attack modes in Kane’s Wrath, as well as a very special Command School Honors starring a little number called “Across the Pond”.

Command School Episode 12

Original air date: 22 November 2008
This episode of Command School features winning strategies for the powerful Allied airforce and the devastating Soviet ground game, as well as the Red Army’s most powerful super-weapon, it’s time for the latest episode of Command School!

Command School Episode 13

Original air date: 27 January 2009
Command School takes on Red Alert 3’s new frontier with Cooperative RTS strategies for all three factions! Learn how to dominate online with a friendly co-commander! Plus, the first-ever edition of Red Alert 3 Honors. Greg Kasavin hosts.

Command School Episode 14

Original air date: 21 February 2009
In the last episode of Command School, we look at some exciting rush strategies and early-game defenses to keep you kicking butt online. Plus, a bizarre scouting strat you won’t want to miss! Hosted by EALA’s Greg Kasavin.

After episode 14, Command School was turned into a segment of Battlecast Primetime as of episode 16, and was renamed to Kasavin’s Keys To Victory for a short while before Greg Kasavin left EALA later in 2009.

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