BattleCast Primetime – Aftermath


BattleCast Primetime – Aftermath is an “aftershow” that provides an analysis of the previous episode of BattleCast Primetime complete with unseen footage, outtakes, and a few other surprises. Its designed for those who want more insight into some of the key highlights or those who just want to laugh at all the outtakes.

Aftermath Episode 1 (Pilot)

Original air date: 21 September 2007
In this first episode of Aftermath, you will a lot more Kane, a lot of funny outtakes, some more info on Kanes Wrath which you may have not seen before, and more, its a very fun episode and should give you an idea of what to expect in the near future.

Aftermath Episode 2

Original air date: 20 October 2007
Episode 2 of Aftermath includes more exclusive information on Kane’s Wrath, more hilarious outtakes, and of course all the latest development and more from Battlecast Primetime Episode 2. Even if you saw Battlecast Primetime Episode 2, you don’t want to miss this latest episode of Aftermath, it has some good C&C entertainment.

Aftermath Episode 3

Original air date: 28 November 2007
IWith a running time of just over 10 minutes, Aftemath episode 3 features exclusive information on Kane’s Wrath. Witness exclusive behind the scenes footage of the Kane’s Wrath cinematics in our interview with cinematic director Richard Taylor. Also get more info on the C&C 3 WCG champion, hilarious bloopers from the past episode of BattleCast Primetime, and more.

Aftermath Episode 4

Original air date: 22 December 2007
Aftermath Episode 4 features exclusive info on Kane’s Wrath and never before seen bloopers and footage from the last episode of BattleCast Primetime. And don’t forget the Aftermath debut of APOC’s Community Corner, where gets a mention.

Aftermath Episode 5

Original air date: 26 January 2008
Aftermath Episode 5. No description available. (Final)

Unfortunately, the last standing mirror of Aftermath Episode 5 was on, which was closed in February 2016. If you are aware of another mirror or have the episode saved beneath a pile of dust, please contact the staff so we can place it here.

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