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This has been a topic of debate ever since the expansion for Red Alert 2 – Yuri’s Revenge – hit the shelves. I know that there are probably countless documents about Yuri’s Army, both for and against him all over the Internet. I guess because of this article, I’ll be the subject of flaming and hateful comments. As such, I first ask of the readers to keep an open mind, and actually THINK before you start typing a hateful comment. Secondly, if you must send me something hateful, do it in a way so I can understand you. None of this “text typing”. In an email or forum post, you are not limited to 160 characters like you are while texting.

Now, I think that humans, as a species, are ever so obsessed with their individual selves that no matter how much they care for others, they ultimately care only for themselves. This creates the idea that finding the easiest solution to problems is by far the best. Don’t get me wrong; this is a correct and logical bout of intelligence, when used in the correct situations. What does this have to do with the Command and Conquer community, specifically, the Red Alert 2/Yuri’s Revenge community?

I assume that we are all intelligent beings, so why don’t we think for ourselves?

Hmm, I’m guessing that no one could figure out what I meant.

I meant in online matches. All too often have I joined a game, or hosted a game, only to be flamed because I choose to be Yuri’s Psychic Army. Thus, I shall ask: Why? Is it because he is impossible to win with? Or is it because all you idiots are out there in your comfort zone, playing as the Allies, hiding behind your Gap Generators, and generally…not wanting to actually becoming a skilled commander, and acting like a coward?

I think what people fail to realise is that to use Yuri is to challenge yourself: No repair bay, not much in the way of attacking forces (both infantry and vehicles), not much of an air force/navy…it all adds up to a very interesting challenge. That’s why I play as Yuri most of the time. I don’t care if I get creamed; it’s a learning process.

Wow, you hear that?

I learn from my mistakes. For example: I have sometimes made the mistake of not investing into the psychic aspect of Yuri’s Army. Of course, this is the most stupid thing I’ve been known to do. I have seen other people do it as well. To concentrate on brute force with his army is to be bent over…and, well, you get the picture. Brute Force is the Soviet department!! I’ve obviously learnt from that mistake.

I think once people steer away from the Allied Forces (goddamn predictable rushes with the Allies. Ever heard of using Robot Tanks for naval assaults?) And try something different; Yuri’s army will be used more often. Too many times I have hosted a Yuri’s Revenge game and everyone except for me will be the Allied Forces. I once heard one person, who shall not be named, on these very forums who said the following: “Yuri was very gay, cheap and unstoppable unless a noob used it.”

God-damn outrageous.

I’ve said this on the forums, but I’ll say it again: Yuri is the hardest army to win with. If someone manages to beat you into the ground with Yuri’s forces, don’t you think that the person who manages to do this is…oh I don’t know, a very skilled player? Have you ever thought about that, you silly fools?

And these people call me ‘noobs’ for being Yuri. Can I not hear a bout of hypocrisy here? ‘Noobs’, as a general understanding, find the easiest way to win when they are first trying out a game. It’s perfectly logical, because it helps them get better at it. The Allied Forces are a beginner’s army. Therefore the Allied army is a “noob” army, not Yuri’s army.

Yuri is easy to beat. Easy to beat, but hard to win with. That’s where the challenge lies, and that is why I feel comfortably playing with his forces. And I’m pretty sure that many people enjoy a challenge. That’s why I would like to urge you people, who play this great game, to challenge yourself. Try Yuri’s forces. Try something new, for crying out loud! I have yet to even -play- against another Yuri Commander. Apocalypse, Prism, Battle Fortress, and Kirov rushes should be made non-existent. They don’t call it Real Time Strategy for nothing, and I’m pretty sure the old Westwood developers are upset over the way all their hard work into a decent army for Yuri has been treated over the last few years.

I think it is time for us, as a community, to stop this stupidity. There are people out there who are spoiling it for everyone else, I know many people can see where I am coming from. The problem is, humans are impatient beings, and would rather end something quickly rather than carefully plan things out. However, I ask the people, as a community, to accept the fact that Yuri is here to stay, and there are people like myself who will play with his forces and will beat people into the ground with them. Don’t say it’s unfair at all. Don’t be whiny little pussies because I mind-controlled half your tank force. Deal with it. Find a way around Yuri’s mind-control capabilities. It’s not hard at all. Just because Yuri plays differently to the other two sides doesn’t mean that it’s “uncool” and “gay”. Gay? Why gay? Because his default colour is purple? Here’s a solution: If you don’t like the colour purple, THEN DON’T SELECT THE COLOUR PURPLE! Idiot!

I’m not saying, “You must play as Yuri, all the time!” I’m saying: Try something new. Don’t be afraid to do something outside your comfort zone. I don’t care if all you Yuri haters out there don’t heed this advice. At least attempt to play as him from time to time. All that I ask is that you respect people like me who choose to play as him. I’m absolutely tired of all this shit I get for being a perfectly good commander of Yuri’s Psychic Army in Yuri’s Revenge. It’s time for people to either grow up or shut up.

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