Articles & Editorials: WW Fanatix Renegade Tournament Report

In March of 2002 was invited to take part in a Renegade tournament. C&C Community Webmasters (or staff) versus some invited C&C Fans. Representing were C&C King and Phreakly.

Below is a report written by C&C King.

“Hopes were high, it was 8pm GMT and the smell of hot fragging was in the air. However Devinoch didn’t show until 10 minutes after and it was then problems arose. After much playing with settings the tourney was finally underway at 9:08pm GMT.

Players piled in, even those who managed to get the password were in on a bit of play. The fans (NOD) took the first (practice) round by a swift backdoor attack in C&C_Volcano. C&C_Canyon was up next and the Webbies (GDI) Won the first point, thanks to my sneaky MLRS attack upon the Nod Airstrip.

C&C_Islands came next and a close battle raged however it was the GDI side that blew away the competition for a 2-0 lead. C&C_Field was next, the first map with base defenses had begun. This proved to be the longest battle which eventually ended in a Time out situation and Nod winning by Points Default, 2-1. Myself (C&C King) did old traditions new as I committed suicide with an Ion Cannon blast….. Which Devinoch watched in interest.

C&C_Hourglass came next. Despite all harsh efforts for GDI to defend their base a flame tank rush came blasting in. Devinoch took sides to Nod and somehow jumped from 300 points to a massive 2,500 point advantage…… We all suspected foul play as he took MVP status…LOL. The score 2-2.

C&C_Under was the final map. Constant onslaughts from the Webbies (GDI) saw the Nod fans pinned down in their own base. Phreakly took a massive surge into the unknown and notched up a massive 3,500+ points and in 2nd place to help secure a final 3-2 Victory over the Nod (C&C Fans).

Along with everybody who helped fight to a Webbies (GP Network) victory I salute you. It had great battles, team work and the added suicidal Ion Cannon blasting of myself…… Overall the Tourney Was a great success and may such events arise again in the near future.

C&C King…… Signing off…”

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