Articles & Editorials: What has the World Come to?

That is a question many people around the world, especially in the US, are asking themselves. After the happenings at columbine and various other places, they have come to believe that violence in movies, games, TV, and the lyrics in several songs, have caused these dilemmas.

The truth is it is 100% the parents fault. If you raised kids that thought that Doom and other killing games were real then you shouldn’t have raised kids in the first place. It’s their fault for allowing illegal items in their house and surrounding grounds. It’s their fault for allowing their kids access to shotguns and bomb making materials. It’s their fault for not checking on their kid once and awhile.

Then they try to find the simplest reason and get rid of it, VIDEO GAMES. When the problem really lies in the household of the kids, not in any thing having to do with violence. Millions of kids play violent video games, go to R movies under age, and listen to wrongful music. And only .001% believe that it is real. We shouldn’t be punished for the wrongful doings of others and their parents. Something needs to be done to the parents that don’t care about their kids.

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