Articles & Editorials: Westwood’s Responsibility

I play Command and Conquer Sole Survivor, and I also play many of the Command and Conquer series, and I have noticed that there are different things between the two. The biggest difference, seems to be, that Westwood Studios doesn’t enforce what is on that Sole Survivor box.

I have the box here in front of me, and it says: “Auto update feature constantly adds new channels and options that keep the game fresh and exciting”. If you don’t understand what I am trying to point out yet, either you never played Sole Survivor, or you were dropped on your head at birth. Sole Survivor is a game that is updated, about every 5 months if my count is correct. It could be more.

I recently talked to LordMot, the programmer for Sole Survivor (The one that helps us every 5-6 months.). He claims that he told Westwood Studios not to put that on the box, but they did anyway. I still believe that he needs to do his job accordingly.

Lastly, Sole Survivor has it’s own Message Board where our communication hub lies. At the top, it says some version of this: “No vulgar language…etc”. There is swearing and insulting every day on that Message Board, but once again, it is never enforced. Just remember who made your game before you purchase it.

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