Articles & Editorials: Westwood Going too Far? (Continued)

  • Date: 18/12/2001 | Author: Astinus

In July 2000, Genkiller wrote an article surmising that Westwood was going down the toilet basically – and that they needed a boost to kick-start them into the good times again. I quote a small section of his article:

“Westwood’s fall is coming fast, unless they can do something to stop it. The only thing that many people can think of that will stop Westwood from becoming an obsolete company is a release of a killer game, and no one believes that that can be obtained from Command and Conquer.”

Well… Westwood has certainly had some fortune during the last few months. With the massive success of Red Alert 2 and the expansion pack selling big – Westwood has taken considerable profits. They have also released many other games that have gone quite big, including Emperor: Battle for Dune – with the upcoming Command and Conquer: Renegade set to storm the whole world.

In about 2 months, Renegade is going to hit the stores over here in bonny old England – will it be a success or not? Certainly the forum talk and that of dedicated fans suggests they are all going to buy it – but will it be good enough to get NEW people who have never played C&C to buy it in their masses? A recent poll on suggested that this would be the case – that C&C was the new Half-Life with improved graphics and great game play. Certainly the Beta-Testers are singing praises of this new game.

So, has the release of great games such as Emperor: Battle for Dune, NOX, Earth and Beyond and notably the C&C games such as RA2, Yuri’s Revenge and Tiberian Sun forestalled the downfall of Westwood??? Certainly few would argue that Westwood is currently on a boom – drifting up high with the success of Red Alert 2 and Yuri’s Revenge – about to release another stunner in the form of Renegade…

There have been rumours of future games posts in a variety of places, ranging from forums to emails. Rumours of Red Alert 3 and Tiberian Twilight (Tib Sun 2) have been emerging from the deep, dark depths of these rumours – suggestions of possible 3D interfaces and stunning new graphics utilizing the new Geforce3 facilities abound.

Will these great already released games and the promise for many more top quality games REALLY stop Westwood from joining others in the grave of Game Making Companies? Only time can tell that – but the indications are pretty good from Westwood’s point of view!

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