Articles & Editorials: Tips and Cheating

  • Date: 19/12/2001 | Author: Astinus

Cheating? Totally immoral in some people’s views. Westwood do not provide many cheats with the games they make. Certainly you cannot use cheats without incorporating a trainer with classic games such as Command&Conquer and Red Alert. The truth is that cheating is widely discouraged throughout the gaming community.

Why do people (little 11 year olds especially) think they can go into school/college/life and they think they are real hard because they completed a game. In fact, they are not, because they often cheated to complete the game. Take Age of Empires 2 for example and the latest expansion, The Conquerors. In the online games, there is a checkbox to enable the cheats during the multiplayer experience. However, if you were to walk into an MSN Gaming Zone room and ask for a cheats game – you would be abused and would NEVER find a game.

Cheating? Where did it evolve from? Well… It is possible that it evolved from someone reasonably smart – who bought one of the very early computer games – long long ago! He or she found the computer game too hard, so he decided to bend the rules. Since then – almost every computer game has a trainer, a cheats list and lots and lots of mods and hacks that make the game easier? Who benefits from this?

If you are playing a single player game and you cheat all the time – when you come to play that game in multiplayer, everyone is going to whoop your ass because you only know how to play well with the cheats on. The majority of people on the Internet do not cheat when they play games, because it spoils the fun of having to get to know the game really well and learn the strategies and tactics that the real experts use.

Of course, there is the other side of people that say cheating is right – nothing wrong at all with cheating. Of course you can get away with cheating in computer games, so why is it wrong they claim? Some parents discourage cheating totally – there is a theory that those who cheat and cheat will not be able to get through life without cheating. Therefore, when they cheat in the game of “real life” they get locked up in prison for a long time, beaten up and chucked out of everywhere they go.

You may be able to get away with cheating while playing single player, but in reality you are only cheating yourself. Sure you can make the game easier, but it doesn’t help you in the long run and if you do it in the real world rather than a virtual construct called a game – they penalize you and lock you up for it.

So, what do you gain from cheating? Nothing. Does anyone here like to cheat? I would stop soon – because chances are that everyone will beat you in online multiplayer games, and you will be scorned and rejected. Most of the online community hates cheaters, because they are usually un-intelligent and sad people with no life at all.

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