Articles & Editorials: The Scrin… Another Roswell Incident?

The Scrin. Is it a name for aliens? Or Just another Roswell Incident that’s been blown out of proportion by the C&C Community?

We all know the Roswell incident has been shrouded in mystery. But it has been made clear that the video of the alien autopsy was cleverly conceived by two British men who took the story a little further. So what if therefore, the Alien Autopsy in the form of a crashed ship in Tiberian Sun, was nothing more than a speculative community heresy?

It’s taken me 7 years to realise such a possibility. But I have to question the shape of the Alien ships in both Tiberian Dawn (1995) Tiberian Sun (1999) and Renegade (2001). Now consider this. The Alien ships seen in Tiberian Dawn and Renegade are of a saucer shape appearance. These ships never had a name, and didn’t even hint in the slightest on the name of the Alien faction.

Now the inconsistency is within Tiberian Sun. In a mission briefing, Kane said to Slavic that the ship Slavic was going to see was constructed at the end of the first Tiberium War. That’s right, constructed, not recovered and repaired, but physically built. And after the crash of this said ship, the mission begins to find it. A single hover of the cursor over this ship gives it a name, a name known only as a “Scrin Ship”.

It now becomes clear that there is evidence in many cases that we as a community have taken Kane’s Alien looking Ship as the name of the third faction. The name “Scrin” has never been the name for the aliens, since in the two games developed either side of Tiberian sun, the shape and lack of name within differentiate considerably.

So what on Earth does this mean for a belief we’ve held for several years!?

Excuse the use of a dictionary to support an argument here. But ”Scrin” in the English Dictionary is defined as a “bureau”, which in other words is a government department or a subdivision of a department. Therefore let us understand here that it is entirely possible that Kane’s Black Hand built this ship. And as clearly stated in Firestorm, Nod’s Black Hand is Nod’s government of highest Generals!

The ship therefore was highly likely to be a Battle Class Cruiser Warship, built with the same intent as the also alien looking Banshee fighter. This suggests therefore that it was a weapon to exceed the mighty Mammoth Mark 2 and destroy GDI once and for all. This would also be the weapon that would head into space to destroy the Philadelphia.

Further pushing into this argument. The Alien artefact known as the Tacitus (Presumably found on a crashed ship in the 1st Tiberium war) contains an encyclopaedia of information on Tiberium, its effects and most probably the 3rd faction. Since Cabal was able to decipher and decode this artefact, Kane must have known about the 3rd faction during the first Tiberium War. In theory then there is evidence here, which could be strongly backed up by the crashed space ships of the time.

It must be considered then that Nod’s Government ship was also the ultimate defence weapon against the Alien invaders. A huge welcome present of destruction for when they did eventually arrive. But Vega ruined the plan. Ever since then, as a community, we have been fooled into believing that this ship belongs to the third faction. But we constantly miss the word “Constructed”, and have jumped to the wrong conclusions. Even the so-called “Scrin Primal” was a namesake never really officially confirmed in any direct circumstances….

So, what are the real name of the Aliens. In theory they are not Scrin, so who are they? And the answer to that will be revealed by EA soon enough!

This is my theory, but what can I say? What’s the chance of convincing the whole community that the crashed ship is most probably no more than a Nod Battle Cruiser built by Nod’s internal government? Who knows? But it’s a huge point worth considering.

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