Articles & Editorials: The Meaning Behind the Word N00B (Newbie)

  • Date: 30/07/2002 | Author: Boom?

In these days you can’t go on the internet without see someone use the word N00b. N00b comes in all shapes and sizes, for example:

In Renegade: you steal someone’s Stealth Tank, and Drive off and it explodes. A common response would be: “You stupid n00b.”

But what does n00b mean?

I stated to see the word n00b used in Red Alert 1, at the time the word was in a different stage: Newbie. Newbie was used to refer to a “Stupid” player, often considered a NEW player, an un-experienced player. People would use it in a manner of hate or shame. This pattern would continue until more games started to come out.

When Red Alert 2 came out, is when I first started to see a change in the word. The word had changed to “Noobie.” The people had changed the word so it would require less key strokes in different areas. You would simply press the N, o, o, b, I, e. The old way you would have to move you middle finger over one key. This way you would only double stroke, a BIG time saver when cussing out your ally. This method would saver you appox. .023 seconds, don’t believe me, try it your self. I ran 5 trials, data was sufficient. It seems the Gamer was becoming Lazy. In this Era of Noobie, people would use this in a humors way, example, “You silly Noobie.” Or, “Noobies are silly gooses.” This was a time of peace for the word Noobie no longer was the word in Vain, but in Happiness.

After 1 full year of the “Happy Noobie Era,” the internet would find a dramatic change in the word Noobie. Hatred, Violence, and Other shameful expressions were used with the word Noobie. Yuri’s Revenge was a top contender in the “Noobie Hate Era.” People would use the word to “Dis” others. Many times was I call a “Dumb <CENSORED> NooB.” Or, “What are you a <CENSORED>-ing Noob?” This would become the worst hatred towards the Word Noob ever in the history of the Internet. The word was also spelled differently, to save the Cusser more time.

Today the word n00b has touched each of our lives in some way. Weather its stealing a tank in Renegade, or Destroying your Allies Nuclear Reactor inside their base. The word is still in its “Hate” era. Many times will it express negative views about one. The word will continually evolve as time passes. But for now, n00b, Noob, Noobie, and Newbie will always be there. So take your pick, and enjoy the World of an N00b!

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