Articles & Editorials: The Future

Where do I see the future of the Command And Conquer series heading? This is my opinion. Well, I can really sum it up in one word. 3D. Were are in a time where technology advancements are happening everyday. and with those new advancements comes the opportunity to make games and the machines we play them on better. Command and conquer started as a Dos game and has been incarnated in several formats. PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation, Sega Saturn, Nintendo 64, and I have even seen an basic version that runs on an Amiga (don’t ask me where. it was 2 years ago.).

The future for C&C looks bright. Here are a few directions that Westwood could go in producing future versions of C&C. First off, they could do the obvious, take us further into the future. Now this scenerio is a good idea for the simple fact that the designers at Westwood could use fantastic units that will make players use there imaginations. in fact, when designing the next C&C, i think they should use gamers opinions in what units they use, or take a few ideas.

Another direction they could go, is my personal favorite. A C&C remix. a combination Red Alert and Original. Imagine the possabilities. Heres the situation. Prof. Einstein starts meddleing with the chronosphere. suddenly, Kane walks thru a portal einstein inadvertanly creates. Kane begins his world domination schemes in the past. he imprisons einstein only for him to escape and go to the future and aquire GDI’s help. as kanes plan unfolds, he plans on merging the 2 timelines using the chrono technology. but he dosent realize the reprocushions of his plans. the rest of the story you can come up with. anyway, what i am trying to say is the comeing years will produce a wide varity of C&C games. some good, some bad, and some great. but no matter who you are, C&C will continue to entertain for years to come.

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