Articles & Editorials: Love/Hate Tactics for RA2/YR Part 2

This article has been a long time coming, I know. But it’s here now, so enjoy!

If you read part 1 you’ll know what all this is about. If you didn’t, then heres a brief intro.

There are many various tactics you may come up against on RA2/YR online, but the most memorable are the ones that make you tear your hair out in frustration. This article is going to continue to describe these tactics and the best way to fight against them.

Magnetron Cliff Attack

Basically involves a Yuri player getting some Magnetrons on top of a cliff and attacking units below. A Magnetrons range is increased on a cliff, so this makes it even more a potent tactic. Extremely irritating if you are the victim.

How to fight this tactic as –


Best chance is an air assault. Harriers, Black Eagles and Rocketeers. Only a few of the Allied tanks units can hit vehicles on cliffs, and you’d need a large force to defeat even a small group of Magnetrons. It would literally be an uphill battle. Air attacks can be neutralized if the enemy has deployed Gattling Tanks. Even if they do, it is still best to press an air attack. Especially if the Magnetrons are overlooking an ore field. Remember, Magnetrons are expensive, and fairly slow to build. If you keep hacking away, the enemy may eventually give up as the cost to them is outstripping the gains.


Here is where Soviets have an advantage. V3 Rocket launchers work reasonably well in this situation. You will need a decent amount of V3’s, to overwhelm any Anti-Air units the enemy may have. Siege Choppers may work, but they’d probably be more useful in an un-deployed state. If you have enough of them, you can run sorties to destroy the Magnetrons. Magnetron armour is weak, and several Choppers have enough fire-power to quickly destroy a few Magnetrons. Again, larger groups are better.


Easy if you are using Yuri. Just use your own Magnetrons. An interesting game of ‘Juggle each others units’ may develop, but if you use Floating Discs in concert with the Magnetrons you should be able to repel their attacks. If you can sneak in a few Masterminds in the confusion, all the better.

However, for all the sides, pre-emptive strikes work better. If you think you can, destroy their Radar or War Factory in a hit and run, and keep destroying them to keep the enemy off balance. To distract their main force, just create a diversion elsewhere, such as a small group of your units attacks one of their Oil Derricks.

Grand Cannon Walking

Most people who play RA2 and YR are familiar with this tactic. Its the main reason why France is not permitted in most multiplayer games. It goes like this: A player constructs a Grand Cannon, then a Barracks or some other cheap structure, then Grand Cannon again, then cheap structure in a continual line stretching out from the players base. It can often be used to protect ore fields, but more often it is used to provide an extremely powerful, mobile defense for an approaching tank battalion. Other players are often reluctant to approach Grand Cannons surrounded by units as the Cannon’s range is very long, therefore making it lethal to try to attack..

How to fight this tactic as –


Again, air assault may be the only option, regardless of how many aircraft you may lose. Once offending Cannons are destroyed, move in your tanks and attempt to destroy their forces. Even if you don’t think you have enough planes or tanks, it is important that you try, because you if you do nothing, you’ll get destroyed anyway. And if they have Grand Cannon support, you’ll get destroyed more quickly too.


Very difficult as Soviets. V3’s are a possibility, but not very good one. V3’s are slow, and their rate of fire is terrible. They would be intercepted and destroyed after their first salvo. Maybe even before that. Not a good idea to bring tanks to defend your V3’s, as that would put you very close to Grand Cannon range. And the enemy would probably destroy the V3’s and retreat towards the Cannons. Best bet is to launch a massive assault on the Cannons. Lots of Rhino tanks. Also, bring some Kirovs in behind your main force to destroy the cannons while your attack force is busy. Another possibility is to establish a line of deployed Siege Choppers outside of Grand Cannon range, but inside of V3 range. That way, you can attack the Grand Cannons and run when their tanks approach. The choppers can, of course, fly away.

Not the best options, but better than surrendering.


Yuri hasn’t got many more options than the Soviets, but Yuri’s possibilities may work better. A carefully planned all out assault can work. Your force will require a bit of everything, concentrating on Magnetrons, Flying Discs and Master Minds. It is best to start your attack with Magnetrons, by dragging their distant units towards you. You may lose some to the Grand Cannons at this stage. Retreat the Magnetrons, then bring up the Masterminds. The enemy may retreat further towards the Cannons, or they may attack. If they attack, there is not much you can do apart from making sure you manage those Magnetrons and MasterMinds to attack and retreat. If the enemy does fall back, then try to send Floating Discs to the Cannons. Order them to power down the Cannons, then bring in your army. The Discs may not survive, but they will keep the Cannons un-powered long enough for you to do dish out some damage and hopefully destroy the Cannons.

Once again, pre-emptive strikes are always best. As soon as you suspect anything, attack. Being crept up on by Grand Cannons and being constantly forced back is a very unpleasant situation.

Well, that’s all for this instalment of Love/Hate tactics, hope you enjoyed it and found it useful.

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