Articles & Editorials: Love/Hate Tactics for RA2/YR Part 1

We’ve all encountered them on RA2 and YR, tactics you love to use but hate to fight.

Most of them are quite devious and get the person on the receiving end very irritable, I should know as I’ve admittedly typed a few ‘colourful metaphors’ at the employers of these tactics. I now try to stop doing that. And though I now try to avoid using these tactics, I did have a good chuckle when I used them successfully.

I will now describe these tactics and the best way to fight them.

Nuclear Reactor Walking:

Only really effective on small maps, usually the player will build on a cliff face near the enemy base and construct Nuke Reactors very close to the enemy base. If the enemy does not destroy or otherwise stop them, the player using this tactic will force-fire on the Reactors to detonate them.

How to fight this tactic as –


Your best bet is to use Chrono Legionnaires, make sure to have a few as the enemy will most likely build defences when Reactors are built such as Sentry Guns. Just target the Reactors and chrono them away.


Very difficult to stop as Soviets, I would say the best option is to use deployed Siege choppers and destroy them at a distance. This may not protect your base fully, but with enough choppers you can destroy the reactor before its even fully deployed. Not the best option I know, but the Soviets have very little defence against this tactic. If supers are on, using the Iron Curtain and Force shield would be obvious, but they take time to charge and Reactors take far less time to build.


Yuri has the best method for defeating this tactic, in two words: Yuri Prime. With a cloning vat you can get 2 of them and rapidly mind-control and sell the Reactors.

Of course the best way to stop this tactic is to destroy their Battle Lab anyway you can if you suspect they will Reactor walk.

Yuri Battle Fortresses:

Very simple but effective tactic. Consists of a Yuri player getting an Allied MCV and teching up or a Yuri player supplying an Allied player with Yuri clones. Placing 5 Yuri’s in a Battle Fortress turn it into a super Master mind of sorts. The Battle Fortress would be able to mind control 5 enemy units with no overload.

This tactic is rendered even more devastating by mixing in a few different units in with the Yuri’s. Such as 3 Yuri clones and 2 Guardian GI’s. Or 4 Yuri clones and 1 Sniper etc.

How to fight this tactic as –


Using your own Battle Fortresses against this tactic will not work well, the Forts will simply be mind controlled and use its considerable fire-power against you instead of the enemy. Mirage tanks are the answer, and use lots of them. A few Prisms tanks are a good idea as back up if you can afford them. But Mirage tanks are the best. They are faster than the Forts, so they can easily catch up to the Fort and attack it should the Fort use the ‘strike and retreat’ tactic.

You might say ‘What about Robot tanks?’ Well, yes you could use them but I find that few players would send their Yuri Forts into battle without some more traditional anti-tank units. Or they might mix GGI’s and Yuri’s together as mentioned above.


Deploying large amounts of Siege Choppers may work fairly well. Their longer range will score some significant damage on the Forts before the Forts get into range. But that is only really effective if you have a lot of choppers. If that tactic does not work then large amounts of Rhinos are all you have left. The Forts will probably retreat after mind controlling a few Rhino’s so you will have to chase the Forts. Don’t however, target the Forts when you chase them. Move the Rhinos to a position in front of the Forts to overtake them, then open fire on the Forts.


Again Yuri has the best way to defeat this tactic. Master Minds are immune to psychic weapons and their armour is decent. Just move the Master Minds near the Forts and they will become mind controlled. Retreat the Master Minds after mind controlling the Forts because other anti-tanks units may be around. However this solution can be neutralized if the enemy has another yuri ally who can forcefully mind control the Forts to render them also immune to psychic weapons.

If this occurs, you will probably have to use a combination of Magnetrons and Lasher tanks. Use the Mags to levitate the Forts and drop them close to you Lashers. If you have enough Lashers, the Fort should be destroyed before it’s mind control ability does too much damage. Keep a few Gatling tanks and/or Virus snipers around to deal with the Yuri clones that will emerge from the destroyed Fort.

Keep an eye out for my next article where I will be continuing with Love/Hate tactics and how to fight them.

Until then, good gaming to you!

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