Articles & Editorials: How Will Generals Affect Red Alert 2?

We all know that Generals is shaping up to be a great game but like any game player knows, once the new is in the old goes out. It either dies almost instantly or slowly and agonizingly fades away. For example: When the PlayStation 2 came out the original PlayStation was moved to the back of the shelf but is still going strong. However it is already losing developers for new games who are moving onto the PlayStation 2. It will probably continue that way until the PlayStation eventually ends up in ever Cash Converters in every country. So how will the arrival of Generals affect Red Alert 2?

Obviously a lot of RA2 players will purchase Generals and play it to death and possibly never look back. It could of course depend on how Generals is received by the gaming public, if it turns out like Tiberian Sun (which was a major disappointment for many) then I think many players would return to RA2. It could also depend on how the game appeals to the majority of RA2 players who are used to the graphics and gameplay of RA2, and may not go for all the eye candy in Generals.

Generals also appears to me to be quite a serious game without the wonderful quirky humour I grew to love in RA2 and YR. If this game becomes too serious after its predecessors then players may not find it much fun to play in the long-term and may eventually become bored.

I remember when I purchased Tiberian Sun and started playing: I loved it for a few weeks then got quite bored with the dull, brown and depressing terrain. I went back to RA2 immediately and played it with renewed enthusiasm. How long will the degradation of RA2 take? Months? Years? Maybe never, perhaps the games will be so different that they will both have their dedicated players for as long as computers exist.

Of course its more likely that when Generals is released RA2 and YR will eventually become ‘old’ and be lost (but hopefully never forgotten). I am looking forward as anyone to play Generals but I won’t be ready to put down my RA2 disc for a long time. Remember you can sometimes teach an old dog new tricks.

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