Articles & Editorials: Firestorm – What to Expect

Over the last few weeks, there has been a lot of excitement about Westwood’s latest addition to the C&C series: Firestorm. I, personally, think Firestorm will be great. But there are some people who seem to be predisposed to hating everything that comes out of the Westwood Studios building. About two weeks ago, I saw an article on the front page of BG:TS. BG:TS is a great site, and I respect others’ opinions, but some of the things said in that article were completely wrong in my opinion. The article was mostly based on how much Firestorm is going to suck, saying that all we can expect from it is a new type of mechanical armor and a new cyborg. If you take some time to visit the Firestorm website , you will see that there’s much more to the expansion pack than only two worthwhile units. Shouldn’t people wait until after they play a game before they criticize it?

Westwood is putting a lot of hard work into this, and I think this will probably be the best expansion pack in the C&C series so far. An enhanced battlefield randomizer capable of making Tiberium veins and blue Tiberium, new mutant animals and life forms, six new units, new missions, new plot, new video cutscenes, WOW! I’m gonna buy Firestorm as soon as it comes out! Plus, when Firestorm is finally released, there will be an explosion of mods ( If it’s even possible to have more mods than there already are) that are even better than the ones we have now. With new units and features to work with, the mod-makers will go crazy, and pretty soon we’ll be drowning in Rules.ini files.

The only bit of doubt I have in Firestorm comes from memories of Red Alert: Counterstrike. Counterstrike was nothing but a joke. With units like “wonder dogs” , “super infantry” , and “superjets” , no wonder it was so stupid. And I really hated the giant ants. Why would they put something so stupid and pointless in an add-on? What scares me is that there is some stuff in the TS ini files about “marble madness”. I’m afraid that this might be giant ant syndrome all over again. But as long as the rest of the add-on is good, and it doesn’t have stupid units in it, I’m not going to worry about giant marbles.

I’m not going to conclude this article. I want you to think and form your own conclusion. I know you’re probably saying “Oh no! Don’t I do enough thinking at work/school?” But don’t worry. You don’t need to hand in a written report analyzing and summarizing each paragraph by tomorrow. Just think about what I’ve said. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions on how I can improve my work, please E-mail me.

I don’t really know what Firestorm will be like. I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see.

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